Another noob looking for advice... 20'' or 24'' ?

Hi all,

I’ve finally decided to take the dive and get my first Unicycle :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

I’m a complete noob at this, been doing some searching on this forum and the net in general and although i have sort of come to some conclusions, i still would appreciate the help/advice of the experts…

I am 37 yrs old (not in any great shape… hopefully unicycling will help with that :stuck_out_tongue: ), 1.86m tall, inseam is about 92-93cm and i weigh just shy of 80kg.

To start with, I don’t want to spend a furtune. Although i’ve been unicycling in my mind for years now, i may not like it in real life (i’m sure you 'll all say i’ll love it, and i’m pretty sure that i will, but just saying…) and/or i may end up storing it along with many other stuff in the garage due to lack of time and blah, blah, blah…

What i need specific advice on is this.

I will be mostly using it on the street and pavement, maybe if the Uni can handle/take it, go the occasional smooth dirt road way, and if i ever get the hang of it, maybe do some basic tricks and jump over a few steps or a small bench or something. In general, relatively short distances i’d say.

Commuting is out of the question as i work in downtown Athens (crazy @ss traffic, smog and 12km away from home).

I am between buying a 20’’ freestyle and see how it goes, and if indeed i love it then down the road also get a 26’’ muni.


Get a 24’’ muni from the get go and stay with that for as long as i can.

Choices i am looking at are

  1. the Indy Freestyle

  2. Qu-Ax 20’’ Profi

  3. 20’’ Nimbus II


  1. Qu-AX 24’’ Crossfire

  2. Nimbus 24’’ Muni

Obviously there is quite a price gap between the 20’’ Indy and the 24’’ Nimbus and to be honest i am more between the indy or the Profi in the 20’’ and the Crossfire in the 24’’.

Any help/comment/advice is more than welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for your time, sorry for the long write up and hope i’ll be on one wheel soon!!!



P.S. My sensitive area is… well, rather sensitive, so any saddle suggestions (if the OEM one’s from my choices above are not comfy enough) also appreciated.

P.S.2 If you have any other Uni’s in mind that you’d think would suit me, please fire away. My list is by no means restrictive but paying more than £200 would probably deter me…

Well, first of all, Hello alix71!

I was learning on a 20" (first cheap no-name,later Qu-Ax Luxus) later 24" Luxus and now 26" Nimbus Muni (used).
Others here have gone the 24" Muni at first way. Really depends on the terrain you have to learn on and where you want to ride later.

Imho the 24" Muni sounds good, but it really all comes down to the amount of money you want to spend now (you’ll spend more later anyway:))



@ Byc, thx for the reply mate.

Come on guys, chime in!!!

I’m really close to getting the 24’’ Cross by Qu-Ax!

And then again a cheap 20’’ Indy to begin with is not a bad idea either…

HELP!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


…and ladies!
Some mature girls started riding some time ago, keeping us up to date on the several progress threads here, some of them started with 24".

BTW. prices on the german site (in english) are little bit better for you then on the uk-site and i think shippimg will be cheaper.



I think you should get the cheap 20" freestyle and learn to ride first, then decide what kind of riding you want to do and get a nicer uni for that. You don’t need a muni for short rides on the road and hopping around at the park. The freestyle would be easier to learn on.

Once you get past the basics, you will know what you want to buy next. If you really catch the unicycing bug, you’ll be researching unicycle gear obsessively by that time. You’ll be more than ready to make an informed purchase.

Actually that Indy freestyle doesn’t look bad. The cranks are probably the weak link. The rest of it looks strong. It’s probably kind of heavy for a freestyle uni, but that doesn’t really matter – all 20" unis are light compared to bigger wheels. It comes with metal pedals, so shin pads would be wise.

Welcome to the forum and good luck learning. Keep us posted on your progress. :slight_smile:

So true… hope noone was offended by the “guys” call.

I frequent mostly motorcycle forums where the vast majority is male members but ofcourse anyone’s input is appreciated.

Also, yes i 've seen some better pricing for Qu-Ax Uni’s from Germany (especially ebay) but thanks for the link.

Thanks again Byc :slight_smile:

You Sir are my voice of reason.

Just before i loggen on i had a chat with that voice and it said exactly the same thing.

I may be getting too excited before i’ve even tried it. I think that’s what i’ll go for.

Start with the more “within budget”, easier to learn on option, see how i do and take it from there.

If it all goes as i hope, i’ll be looking for the replacement soon enough.

Thanks for the welcome, good to be here!


Hi alix71

Welcome to the forum.:slight_smile:

I agree with aarons. I started on a cheap 20". Then when I could ride unaided I treated myself to a 19" trials. That was an indy make but it didn’t match the specs on the internet so a little frustrating. Then when I could just about freemount I bought a 20" freestyle which is great for indoors practice. Then a 26" for distances along the prom. Then. 24" muni which is great for down hill gravel and dirt tracks. Each one is slightly different to ride due to wheel size, crank length and of course where it is being ridden.
The point I am trying to get to is that you can never have too many unicycles, but like aarons says, start off with a cheapie and see if you like it. Then once you get hooked …go ahead and treat yourself . A 20" is good for starters because it is a lot nearer to the ground. Buy yourself a comfy saddle, you can always put that on your next uni. :slight_smile:
Sorry if I’ve rambled. Good Luck and please keep us posted. Oh and ‘you tube’ is full of tutorial vids.

Just try to avoid too cheap unis. :astonished:
There are some important parts that can cost extra money when they have to be changed/replaced. The saddle is very important, the pedals and maybe the tire (ours had to be replaced after about 4-5 months).



Hi again.

Yeah i get your meaning.

Just from reading i take it that the Indy would probably be ok. Only thing that sort of bothers me is what aarons wrote about the cranks on the Indy and the fact that replacements are out of stock :thinking: :thinking: :astonished:

We’ll see, but by now i am definately leaning towards the cheaper options. Maybe maximum go for the 20’’ Qu-Ax Profi (as to my understanding it is a much more established brand and i could source parts for it easily) although i think/hope i’ll be ok with the indy. I am not that heavy to bend, let alone break, the cranks, but i suppose i could…

Thx again

If it helps I have the nimbus II and it’s great! Very sturdy and ive never had a problem with it.

Nowim learning a bit more stuff I’m getting a new frame for my birthday. Much cheaper than getting a whole new uni :stuck_out_tongue:

After researching some more, reading some learning journals, researcing some more, going between my choices, adding a few more to the list, researcing some more, looking at freestyle’s, then muni’s, then even trials & street, thinking to buy a real cheap crap uni to begin, then thinking to spash it on a Numbus, researcing some more and blah, blah, blah, blah…

Finally i ordered my Qu-Ax 20’’ Profi.

Hope it gets here soon cause i can’t wait to start practicing.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and all the good stuff and info you’ve posted through the years. This is a great forum!



My second uni was a Qu-Ax 20" Luxus, the Profi has a better hub (isis) and crank (aku, isis).



Hi, alix71,
One of the unis I learnt on was the Quax Profi…It’s a tough little thing and can take a fair bit of punishment…the only problem you might find is the short 114mm cranks that come as standard, I switched to 125mm cranks and found things far easier while learning. That small amount of extra mm gives loads more control.
Yea, we wish you luck but you won’t need it…you’ll be a natural :smiley:

I think you were right in starting w/ an inexpensive, quality 20. It’ll be great for learning the basics and light trials. Continue to search the forums and watch vids to see what kind of riding you want to do primarily.

Me, I knew I wanted to do Muni and I heard about people breaking their unis, so I got the cheapest Muni I could, not wanting to get a bunch of unis and not realizing everyone winds up w/ a quiver. Later I got a 20 anyways.

Now I wish I started w/ a cheap 20 and later got a KH 24.

Thx all for your replies :slight_smile:

I keep checking the DHL tracking number the seller gave me and it’s status is the same since saturday :angry:


I’ve been doing a lot of reading and video watching while waiting and (i know i am getting way ahead of myself, although i am pretty sure some of you have done the same) i am already in the 24 vs 26 vs 29 vs 26 vs 24 vs … conundrum space…

BTW, anyone got a link to some “How to change the tyre & tube” thread cause i am not hitting anything with the search function. Thought i should be prepared (i think i used to do that stuff on my bmx, but that was more than 20 years ago…).

Hope my profi is here for the weekend cause the weather is turning summer and i can’t wait to put some practice & and a lot of UPD time in. Plus my brain is starting to get fried from all this new info.



Everything you want to know about tyres and were afraid to ask:

And a uni specific tube repair:

Good stuff mate, much appreciated :wink:

Indeed, looking at the video and reading the sheldon brown stuff, reminded me that i used to do that stuff in the distant past. Sort of a “lost” or more appropriately “forgotten” knowledge…

On another note, i contacted the seller to check


and unfortunately i’ll have to keep patient till next week probably (and hopefully not even longer) :angry:

Well, what can you do…

I’ve been waiting for my first uni for years now so i guess another few days won’t hurt (like hell they won’t…). I’ll try to finish reading NotSoYoungOne’s learning journal till then.


Hi alix71
Hee, it’s like being a kiddie on Christmas Eve isn’t it? :smiley:

You’ve got to keep us all informed as to how you’re getting on (when you eventually get your uni).

Another good read is one by dudewithasock
And if you want fast-track uni then read the threads by feisty and Angry Gumball, those guys mastered the uni in minutes!:slight_smile:

One tip that helped me a lot was to take your weight on your bottom, not on your legs, so Bum On Seat, also every now and again wiggle your fingers, it helps relax. Hey thats two tips!


ps Ta jojoxie for link on fixing puncture.

And then some… I can’t wait, i am so bummed out it won’t be here for the weekend…

Will make sure to leave feedback on my progress, when eventually i get it (you had to rub it in, didn’t you??? :slight_smile: ).

I have read dude’s thread, was very good. I mentioned NSYO’s cause its so long that my uni will hopefully be here before i manage to finish it.

Will sure have a look at the other ones you mention, thanks.