Another Night - Julia Belk

I just finished my new video! I hope you enjoy, and leave a comment. :slight_smile:

Music: Mac Miller - Another Night

UTV link coming soon!

SIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!! that was sooo awesome and real clean too! loved all the tricks!!!:smiley:

just a perfect video :), riding editing filming was all perfect.

You progress so fast! That was an amazing video! Awesome combos and treybackflip! The 720 really surprised me!

Julia, you did it again!
Such a fomidable video!
When I saw the first combo I thought; Ok, this is going on my favorit list on my YouTube cannel.:slight_smile:
Treyback and X Roll… Are you kidding me, sick!
That beautiful Backrollflip to scufcoast was clean as what!
Next, 720?! I saw it and sed oooohhh, just like you did.:smiley:
I like this video soooo much!
I can’t wait to ride with you again!
You’re comming to E.U.C. Winter again?

loved the 720

Thanks so much everyone, I’m glad you like it!

Thanks Casper! I had to land the 720 after I saw you got it! I hope I can go to EUC again this year, I don’t know though it doesn’t look very likely right now. Also I’m glad you liked the xroll, it was probably the trick that took me the longest to film.

such a sick video nice editing at a good song too the 720 was so clean!! and the face you pulled after was awesome :stuck_out_tongue: cant wait for the next vid!! :smiley:

Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

Awesome! I love your video! Everything is so clean and just looks amazing!
I’m so imperessed right now, I don’t know what to say :stuck_out_tongue:

You really motivated me :roll_eyes:

Nice video! I like the trey backflip. Looked cool how you went backwards a fair bit :stuck_out_tongue: congratz on the 720 too :slight_smile: