Another newbie on the list

Hi im Martin, i’ve been riding unicycles for about a year now, and i think im
reasonably good. I was looking at rec.juggling, and saw the http site, and
thought i might as well sign up, as alot of interesting things come from mailing
lists. And so here i am.

I learnt to ride at the well renowned Circus Space, and found that i seemed to
be able to pick unicycling up quite quickly. Within a few weeks, i was riding
quite easily round the room and so on, I would say it was easy, they dont lie
when they say no pain no gain. Anyway, after about 3 months or so, i was
getting a bit bored, the tricks start getting harder and harder to learn, and
so i moved back over to juggling (i was still doing a fair amount of
unicycling). Then a few months ago i started trying some new things with my
brother and his friend. As me and my brother both ride Oddcycles (24 inch) we
tried a trick where we put 3 people on 2 unicycles. This was made easier by
the fact that Oddcycles have a flat fork. The effect is a sort of pyramid,
where the 3rd person stands on the inside edges of the unicycles while the
other 2 like arms. Its a neat trick and we’ve managed to free mount onto it. I
fact its so stable that we can even get people from an audience to stand on
it! (only if they’ve got a bit of ballance :slight_smile: ) Then we tried the 2 on one
unicycle, and thats HARD. So far we’ve (me and bros) managed about 5-8 revs
which aint much, but proves it can be done!. Because we havent seen the trick
done before, we’ve put quite alot of energy into it, my brother is even build
a stand plate, that will increase the size of the standing area, so that you
dont have cling on by your big toe! We reckon that with the plates, the 3
person version will be easy, and the 2 on 1 will be alot easier.

If anybodys seen something like this, could you give some hints on how better
to controll the 2 on 1, we have had some ideas, but i’d like to know what
other people have to say. If you havent tried it, logoff now, find some
friends (who can unicycle), and have a go !

                              Hello again,

Ps these tricks work alot better with semcycles (Oddcycles are part sem)