another newb question

okay when you hop do u hold the seat with your legs and knees. or hold onto the seat.

also when cradling (pedaling back and forth) how much of a rotation do you use in the pedals half a turn a full turn 1/4 of a turn. i hope you understand what i am asking.

Hold onto the seat for hopping and idleing 1/4 turn.keep practicing.

Re: another newb question

It is much easier to hold (and pull up on) the seat. I guess the only exception to that is if you are jumping rope or your hands are otherwise occupied.

I think you mean “idling”. If so then it is somewhat a matter of personal preference. I find that when I idle the rotation varies between about 30 and 100 degrees. I think it is normal, when learning, to have larger amounts of rotation. Once you become proficient at idling you can idle with less rotation.


it has been a while since I learned to hop, but I remember squeezing the seat with my thighs so I could use both arms for balence.

“cradling” or “idiling” or “rockers” I don’t do a whole lot of them but when I do I pedal 1/4 or 90 degree rotation. when I was learning, I found that it was easier to take shorter strokes wich builds up a rythm and was easier to balence


Just be careful when trying to hold the seat with your legs, when you jump your feat can leave the pedals, so when you come down…

I’m still recovering from a cut I got from my pedal, although it might not be as much of an issue if you don’t use snafu ones :wink:

okay i understand, thank you very much.

when you squeez the unicycle with your thighs and knees to hop, thats called hands free hopping. when you grab the seat while it’s still undre you and hop, thats called hopping. when you take the seat out from under you and hop, that’s called jumping