Another NEW Unicycle song!!!

So…as opposed as i am to rap music, i thought it’d be fun to write a unicycle rap song. The words are kinda fast and cut me some slack, i’m no expert at this…so here are the words, you may wish to follow along.

"i aint got chains i’ve only got cranks and i ride on one wheel but thats no thanx to the lack of brakes. I never thought twice to ride on two wheels, that’d be a crime, so i arrive uni-style and just in time. I adjust my seat post, and i fasten my boys, gotta keep em’ safe on this one-wheeled uni ride. So im off now, to place where its cool to ride a single wheel and the unicyclist rules

he can ride a unicycle with only one wheel but can u?

Unicycle boy can you ride me home, and can i ride on your shoulders cuz, u know. that there is, no handlebars for me to sit on but that is cool (he can ride a unicycle with only one wheel but can u?)

The other day, my friend he proposed, maybe i should make shout out loud and make a toast, and solemly swear not to ride uponst a transportation module bearing more than one wheel thats for sure i thought i told ya. Check it out i’ve got my new custom saddle, a lightweight frame, and a new set of alloy pedals, i’ve got my seat post, and a matching hub, from the moment our eyes met, it was unicycle love"

My Myspace - Unicycle Boy

can i use this in my DVD?

this is really good.

I’ve used a lot of the same loops before.

Really good.

yea go for it…not that i listen to it again…i think i might need to lower the master volume…sounds like its clipping a little bit…and i need to make a minor correction to the triangle lol

ok i’m taking it off for about 5 minutes so i can upload the slightly improved version

EDIT: Okay its all good now

thats cool

your two un uni related songs are really good. are you playing all those instruments?


lol yea thats me playing guitar in the two songs not related to unicycling. The bongos in the last one is a garageband loop…but the rest is all me

…and thanks!

wow they’re both brilliant!!:smiley:

im gonna keep them on my mp3 player (if im allowed :roll_eyes: )

did you use cake-walk?? to edit the songs?

ive been thinking if getting that or something similar annyway
but i dunno, lol

lol of course u are allowed thats why i made them downloadable. I use garageband…cuz i’m on a low budget haha

dam good songs!

was it expencive??..cuz ive been looking for a music editing programme which isint an arm and a leg to get


well i bought a mac…and it comes on macs…and i’m not certain but i believe you need a mac to have garageband.

audacity is ok and free google it

them thar songs

they were wicked man,

a pat on the back for yourself!

I really like Ableton Live, but it’s far from cheap.

Cool Song Unicycle Boy. I was born in Suffern, but I moved to CA when I was 1.

wow…thats a coincidence. And thanks :slight_smile: