another new uni thread! w/pics

Lol Well I finally got around to taken some pics of my new beast so il make a new thread YAAAY! hehe sry:D

Free tricks frame(500mm)
street cranks (135mm)
K-1 hub(badass)
renforced seat post(250mm)
blue berry saddle(pretty)
Try all tire(bouncy ;-p)
and Jimmy C odysee pedals(pimp status)

:smiley: And all this from the pedals LBS)

-Profile hub
-Wallis design CF base
-DG handle
-Myata style replacement leather cover, with memory foam
-KH06 frame
-Koxx1 rim
-DT champion spokes
-Maxxis cc tire, soon to be a Luna.
-VP double cage pedals
-Thompson seat post
-Koxx1 seatclamp

The kh/pfile owns the koxx.

Thats a pretty setup! But Koxx is lighter and so far seems same strength. Il be moding mine soon, with a black domina frame, and a pitfighter seat post. How much did that run ya Danni?


This is my next uni! It’s apparently pretty light at 5.65 kg/12.4 lbs, which is considerably lighter than my current summit trials, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get more hop/gap distance with it.

That frame has a ridiculously long seat tube.

my new baby!:slight_smile: Only hope it holds up as well as my summit!
Btw, I can’t find this ANYWHERE on udc. (US)

I am pretty sure that his uni would be lighter than yours. The Kh frame, Thomson post and Swallis base are all very very light.

Nice uni though Cody.

He has Profiles though.

The longneck frame looks sweet…

that thing looks dirty already! Maybe it’s just the light…

I know but the rest of his uni is so light that it still might be lighter. Cody has a 500mm 27.2 steel seat tube, that cant be very light.


I don’t know the weight of Profiles… but I hear they are really heavy…

Cody needs to get that Black Domina frame fast.

A few hundred grams won’t make much difference. Mine weighs 5400g, give or take a few. Since when has this been a comparing thread?

mine weighs 5.2kg.

Yeah but without profiles. Pics?

in my opinion koxx are just as good or even better than profiles, but thats all personal, heres the pic -

Wow. Sexy

and jsut incase you didnt notice, the bearing holders right down the bottom are orange too!

I didn’t notice;)