Another new Uni, does it ever stop?

Ahhhh! Every month I buy a unicycle (or two). Does it ever end? My wife says she’s putting me on the ‘one Unicycle per year’ plan. I figure I can get around this by buying lots of parts… he, he.

My New (M)Uni:
I went ahead and ordered a trials unicycle… well all the pieces and parts for one anyway (Wahoo, I’ve got a project). I was going to purchase a 24" or 26" MUni model, but it’s really difficult to ride on a 24" wheel when my 5 year old son has a 16" wheel on his uni (and he’s my MUni ride’n buddy). :smiley: I’ll let you know how the trials thing goes, I suspect I’ll start practicing hopping around a bit. I’m quite inspired by, mUNIac the Movie (it was great). At any rate it should be easier to ride the trails on a 20" wheel with my son (at his speed).

I ordered the Monty Trials Wheelset with Suzue Hub and the YUni/Nimbus frame, Miyata seat, and descent ‘metal’ bmx pedals (ankle biters, oh boy). Comments?

Family Update…

Block Party:
(unicycles and beer, what a combination)
Last weekend some folks in my neighborhood closed off the street for a block party. We walked down to join the festivities but where immediately recognized as, ‘those guys with the unicycles’. Everyone wanted the kids to get their Unis, so we ran home and grabbed them. It was great, a bunch of the neighborhood kids got to try unicycling and the older folks were catered to by my daughter who would ride over to the cooler, grab a beer and deliver it to them from her Unicycle. A uni-beer delivery service- that’s nice. It was a real hoot! Everyone was really impressed with her beer delivery skills.

Wife on wheel update:
Yep. She’s going for it! She had the flu a couple of days ago and that set her back, but last night she put in some time and she’s planning to put more time in today. I watched her for a few minutes and she seems to be moving right along. Very cool! By Saturday I’ll try spotting her. When we get the new Uni she can give that a try. Maybe the big wheel will help speed things along?

King MUni-Man Update:
My five year old son (King MUn-Man) is still riding the trails on his 16" unicycle, although he refuses to go to our old trail which he now refers to as the, ‘Jumanji Trail’ after his unfortunate encounter with two raging moose being chased by dogs (Photos of him on the Jumanji trail are at ). Yesterday we were at another trail and encountered moose twice, but they were doing what moose usually do, minding there own business and grazing on brush. He seemed to be okay with them around and kept riding, but they scared him a bit (they scare me somtimes too). I’ll see if I can get him back out on the trails tonight or tomorrow. He needs to learn that moose are part of the landscape in this part of the country. :wink:

No. It never stops. It is an addiction.

That’s pretty much the trials uni I got - I got the complete Yuni from What cranks are you using? You may need to consider adding a seat-post extension to the mix. My saddle is at its highest and, although it works pretty good for doing trials tricks, I think I’m going to need to extend the seat post to do any sort of freestyle. If I’d planned to ride it for any distance (as you sound like you will do with the muni kid) I would definitely need a higher saddle.

Re: Another new Uni, does it ever stop?

nbrazzi wrote:

> I got the complete Yuni from

That was my original plan, but it seemd to be a bit cheaper, and more
fun to buy all the parts and put it together myself.

> What cranks are you using?

140-mm Lasco alloy crank.

> You may need to consider adding a seat-post extension
> to the mix.

I put my Miyata saddle on my daughters 20" United and it seemed to be
adjustable for my size. I’m 5’-10" tall. How tall are you? Although I
guess ones inseam is key here. Also I have an air saddle which gives me
an extra inch or so.



Re: Re: Another new Uni, does it ever stop?

No argument there. I was going for pre-assembled-by-somebody-smarter-than-my-hardware-ignorant-self-so-i-can-get-a-solid-uni path.

Sounds good. I’m sure many here will tell you that the Lascos bend or break pretty easy, so depending on how much abuse your going to put on this uni, this might be a concern. But for fairly light muni, I think these cranks are OK. For the price, they are OK, but don’t be surprised if you need to replace them later. I had some issues with the Monty cranks that came with the Yuni, which is why I asked. I like the 140’s on this Uni.

This may sound wierd, but I don’t know how tall I am, nor do I know how much I weigh. I think I’m about 5’ 6" (that’s what’s on my driver’s license). The uni is definitely rideable with the saddle at full height, but I’m still probably going to get the extender. It’s not that big of a deal, and if you were afraid of upgrading your uni, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, right?

Riding on that 20" wheel for any distance is going to be slow, but I guess that’s what you want, right?

Re: Another new Uni, does it ever stop?

UniDak wrote:
> No. It never stops. It is an addiction.
> -kap

Ok. My addiction is duly noted and I’m sure my wife will be enrolling me
to rehab soon… unless she joins us! (Mwaaa hah ahhha ahahah hahaaaaa)



My friend’s driver’s license says he’s 5’4", he’s actually 6’0". They’ll put down whatever you tell them on your driver’s license. Spend the money, go out and buy a ruler. Make some marks on the wall and measure yourself. Almost all grocery stores have scales in them so you can weigh yourself.

That’s not the point. Obtaining this information is not difficult. I would know this information if I had any use for it. I don’t know, because I have no use for the information.

When I bought my first unicycle, I measured my inseam. Now, I don’t remember what my inseam is, because I know what size the unicycle parts I need are.

Many of us go to school to learn information we have no use for.
You not knowing your height is no excuse.

Re: Another new Uni, does it ever stop?

nbrazzi wrote:

> Riding on that 20" wheel for any distance is going to be slow, but I
> guess that’s what you want, right?

Yes. I just want to have better rides with my son. In the spring I’m
going to buy a 24" mUNI wheelset and convert my standard street Uni to a
mUNI. Right now I just want to enjoy riding with my son, and that’s
hard do when I have to constantly pass him and circle back.



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