Another new trick possibly

After president Lukes great new trick yesterday I sort of accidently did this when I was trying to uni spin a gap. It is sort of a 90 uni spin n then back but I can’t explain it very well have a look

I know its no where near as cool as the rightfully named president luke (his trick) lol

Hey lucas. It sounds cool, i can’t play avi files so i haven’t watched the video, but is it like jumping off doing a 90 unispin in one drirection the back in the other and landing on it?

There is a trick called a x-up wich is like that but 180 not 90.

I dont see how this relates to my trick but thanks heeps anyway!

Nah the only reason it is related to your trick is because you posted that new trick video yesterday so i just thought I’d mention that i wasn’t trying to better you or something because people interpret things badly some times any ways keep riding I cant believe how good you are for 9 months but 14 is a quick improving age I have found this through teaching people and they pick it up in like half hour
cheers Lucas

ok, i get it now. Im not that good at most sport, i guess i just like uni and practice alot. And it more like 10 or 11 months now.

I’ve been able to ride since i was about 6 but I was never that into it until I was bout 12 and even then it was like once every 2 weeks i practiced and now im practicing everyday its amazing to see how quickly i’m improving.

Have you got any tips on the wall plant thing - not the back plant but the one you did in your vid just the normal one whenever i kick the wall it just really hurts my toes lol how do you do it

Cheers Lucas

I think thats just a wall plant. Well its not really kicking the wall, Its more of a 180 unispin using you hand and foot to balance. I learnt to do foot plant unispins then unispins on a slanted wall then vertical walls.

you are developing quite a following luke! is was a sweet trick though.

see you saturday.