Another new Muni Filming technique?

This could be the next new cool filming technique since my Uni-Cable-Cam (UCC). Here’s a really cool video of a quadrocopter flying around and has a gopro hero hd attached. I was thinking this could be the ultimate way to film Muni! Of course, you would need a really good RC operator to fly it and track your riding.

Apparently, the RC pilot can see everything from the copters POV by means of special goggles. Notice when he lands it, he’s not even looking at it, but rather seeing through those glasses.

Look how is tracks a trail starting at 1:14 then swoops up way high! Seems like there would be almost unlimited possibilities with this set up!

I just checked pricing…OMFG! :astonished: If you have to ask, you can’t afford it…and I asked! :o

we have done that for bike dirt jumping and we would put it above the jump so it would look cool

a Parrot drone costs about 400$ in France … cheap for a Muni club!
(price starts at 300 Euros but I suspect you’ll have to buy somme add-ons)
(those are going to be a nuisance: no way to walk naked in your garden :D)

thats so awesome, amazing R/C skills too! would be great

That’s pretty cool; I wonder if you could set it up so that the copter could follow you automatically without having a trained pilot to fly the thing? Put a GPS unit inside your backpack, and have a wireless transmitter that would send your coordinates to the copter which would have its own GPS to figure out where you’re riding in relation to the copter so it could aim its camera. I know, too complex, but I can dream. :slight_smile:

Is he available on my next MUni ride:p