Another new KH20 on EBAY

Like the title says

I believe this auction has already been talked about, but Im not completely sure. Anyways, looks like a solid uni.

Yeah there was a post about it already. I got the second one from ebay. This one was actually listed first on ebay, and now the guy’s trying to make a little profit. Nothing wrong with that I guess. It’ll still cost less than UDC.:slight_smile:


everyone posts all the GOOD ebay listings so i never win them! :smiley:

( i try to keep good stuff secret. :p)

Im curious how so many KH unis are being sold on Ebay for low prices, who kidnapped Kris and took all his toys yo@!

As Terry says, this was the first one sold; Terry got the 2nd. This seller paid $265 for it last month, plus about $40 shipping.

I guess the guy never planned on riding it and was looking for a quick turnaround on eBay, since he was also runner-up on the one Terry won.

Still, not a bad price.

Wow! The winning bid was $440!

Still about $50 less than UDC, but that’s a chunk ‘o’ change! I also got a brand new '07 KH trials (also from ebay) for $365, and the first '07 listed went for a dirt cheap $265! So each successive auction brought almost $100 more each time! :astonished:

Yebbut, crazier is that the first auction was won for $265, and that’s the guy who sold this latest one for $440. Not a bad profit.

Wish I’d thought of it. #($#! :angry:

I wish I had one to list, I could use the $540.

haha, the way it’s going they’re sure to top $1,000 before long!:wink: