Another new & funny freestyle vid!

Here’s another kinda funny freestyle video for you! It has the funny part at the end, so keep watching!

It’s the one on the right, which says freestyle/comedy movie.

dosnt work for me :thinking:

I’m on it! Check back in like 10 minutes!

Oh we will tyler, we will.

How old are you?

I don’t like the long parts where you can see no rider :P.

Nice riding, keep it up!


Would be better if your editing was up to the same level of your riding but otherwise pretty good

OK, here’s a better version that will hopefully work for Evan: On the right, again.

no el worka

it’s broken. Make sure the file is smaller than 17mb before uploading.

“my new freestyle video” works but the one titled “an even newer freestyle video” doesn’t, it doesn’t even begin to download.

OK, this is the final try! It’s only 10 MB now! I REALLY hope this’ll work!!!

yup it works, huzzah for ACDC.

oh, yeah… get a life kid. I don’t need to watch you mess around for 30 seconds… Watching you uni is all I wanna see.

whats your phone number tyler? I want to vocaly slap you for you totaly pathetic and bad music films.

youre parents should be proud



why? because I’m good or something?

Good uni skills. Bad editing and singing skills

yeah, but I’m a better editor. i just didn’t want to spend too much time on it.


if you had spent your time editing instead of messing around for half the film, it would be a lot better and more watchable.