: Another name for unicycle

Tim Sheppard wrote:
|> >Jimmy Brokaw wrote:
|> >|> Funny looking bike, or just funny thing. Probably the most common around
|> >|> here…
|> >|>
|> >I am not sure if we should allow such expressions or nonce words, as opposed
|> >to real lexemes :-). How about it, gang, is it ok?
|> >
|> No, I don’t think so either. We could easily bump the list up to hundreds
|> with these, but they’d only have been used by one or two people struggling to
|> describe or point out what they saw, not name it.
|> If you include funny thing, you should also include that weird thing that
|> silly thing that thing that what that funny man’s riding that over there etc.
|> etc. ad infinitum
|> let’s stick to specific names instead

Ok. I agree. Seemy new classification below.

Jeff R. Allen wrote:
|> “Wheel” is used at Mudd between unics on a friendly basis, i.e: "What
|> happened to your wheel, man?" Or: "Nice wheel. Where did you find a red rim
|> like that?"
|> Definately not uneducated, since unics use it among themselves. They rarely
|> use it when talking to non-unics.

I see. See the new classification in my next message.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern