Another miyata saddle question


I am starting to get the urge to buy a Miyata seat (actually the urge has been for a while, now it’s very strong). I need to know what seat post length I need to get. I am very close to six feet tall (1.8m). From what I gathered with my limited research, I should get some seat with the seat post extension, as even the 300mm seat isn’t quite enough. Should I go with the 300mm and the extension? Or a shorter post with the extension? Thanks for any help…

(I realize that is out of stock, but I figured I’d ask)


I bought the standard adult trainer, and I got the Miyata seat too. My post length was 300. I also had them send me the extension just in case, but I didn’t need it at all. I am 6’1" … actually a hair under, more like 6 feet and 4/5 of an inch, so my height is not too far off.

So, the extension is just lying around (no, I don’t want to sell it; I have a fascination with accessories, so I will enjoy just having an extension lying around :)).

My point is that you may not need it. I can’t be sure, however.


As you may know, I’m mostlyl legs and have riden Lewis’s United without any need for the extension. I would try to avoid it, just on weight savings alone.


I’m less than an inch shy of 6 foot and I don’t even come close to needing the extension. You will be fine without.

what size uni do you have? If its a 20" you may need the extention, but if its a 24" or a 26" you may not need it.
-David Kaplan

Ah yes, that is important information I forgot. It is indeed a 20" wheel… just measured the seat post I’ve got on there, and it’s about 28cm. It’s at the highest point it can go and it’s about an inch too short. Suggestions?

Sounds like you are right at that borderline, where having no extension would be an inch too short, and having the extension would be an inch too high. Unfourtunately, they don’t come in a much needed longer length. If you go with stock miyata parts, you’ll probably have to go with the shorter post and an extension, but the extensions get in the way, look ugly, and don’t go in far enough into the frame (I’ve broken a frame because of this).

You may want to go with the Wilder Rail Bracket ( and a 22.2 mm diameter post such as the Kore B’Atch (, but that has a high price tag with it.

All right… (head bows down)
If I were to get it right now, I’d probably just go without the extension. I may just wait until I can afford a custom made deal. (Meaning the Wyganowski freestyle). Either that or I’ll just put a handle on the Viscount I’ve got and attempt the airseat conversion. Thanks to all for advice!


the air seat conversion will give you 1 or 2 inchs in hight,this might put you in the right spot without the extention