Another marvellous muni ride! (more photos and videos)...

Background info - don’t read unless you’ve got nothing better to do…

Today started off terribly. All week I’d been really looking forward to going out riding and filming for a movie a friend and I are making. He asked his Dad last monday if it was alright and he said he’d think about it. So his Dad goes and leaves it until today to tell him that we can’t borrow the video camera. I thought this was really inconsiderate because he knew very well what we’d planned. Anyway…my friend then decided that he didn’t want to come out riding (on his bike because he’s not a unciyclist) because he was too tired from ice-skating last night. So I rang up another friend (also a mountain biker) and we went out riding with my digital still camera. My day was salvaged!

Start of the actual post…

It was my 5th muni ride today and I had heaps of fun once again. I really love muni! Last time I rode along a fallen log that goes above a dry creek once and was really nervous. Today I went across it at least 10 times and wasn’t at all nervous…I’m improving! I didn’t fall off the log at all either. I also did one drop in particular on “Jelly Bean” that I didn’t do last time and had set as one of my goals. It involved jumping forwards off a log and landing in between two roots. I tried it 4 times and landed successfully 3 times.

I also managed to jump off a picnic table. This was really good for my confidence because I’ve been a bit hesitant with drops because my ankle’s still a bit swollen from spraining it on my holiday. The drops didn’t hurt at all and have convinced me to slowly go bigger. I found out today that there’s a 2m drop in my suburb the goes from grass to grass with a slightly downhill landing. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve set it as one of my lifetime unicycling goals.

I’ve attached a sample of all the photos I’ve added to my gallery. I’ve also added some videos. Look at my colourful signature for a link to my gallery if you want to see bigger versions.

I love muni-ing!


I forgot to mention that I almost ran over two little green tree snakes which as you can imagine was pretty scary for a snake-o-phobe like me :).

Did you know that Australia has 95% of the world’s venomous snakes? I should move to Ireland!


Hey Andrew,
No, dont move to Ireland!

Have you got a link to your gallery?
Looks like good MUning over there. I’m about to go out on my MUni soon, right after I’ve finished this bloomin coursework! AARRGGHHH!!! :angry:


I just realised a funny looking frame in one of the videos. I actually didn’t fall off in the picture…somehow. :slight_smile:

movie extracts - jelly bean 1.jpg

I just thought I’d put this in here rather than starting a whole new thread…

Today I took my frame in for a powder coating. I’ve chosen a pretty bright yellow and will be able to pick it up next monday. I was a little disappointed in the lack of rane of metallic colours and the fact that the yellow I ended up with isn’t yellow but I think I’ll like it and it seems to go well with the green Miyata seat. Some nice Australian colours…green and yellow. It’s not too much of a drama if I don’t like the colour because it will only cost about $50AUD. Now I have to wait until next week to do any more unicycling.