Another juicy trials uni with awesome paint

here Is my little bro’s new uni. Just look at it and you’ll know it’s the best unicycle paintjob. specs…
1.) KH hub/cranks
2.)alex rim
3.)LUNA tire
3.)JC pedals
4.)torker seat and seatpost.

How about trying your link.

Here is a link to what I believe is the correct gallery:

thanks John, I have a real bad thing with making links. Im computer retarted

Yep, that’s a beautiful looking frame!

Man! I think that is the best paintjob I have ever seen on a uni… Who did it for you, and can you give me a way to contact them!!!

That is pimp. Is that one of those frames you make? or is it just way past my bed time?

The people who paint the frames are these dudes . the guy who makes the frames is Don McClung, he lives in Salida Colorado. his contact # is 719-539-7146. He is really old school so he doesnt even own a computer, so no e-mail.