Another hooked beginner

Hello everybody, I’ve been practising with a friend’s DM Ringmaster 20"
for two days now and I have to vent my glee or I’ll burst.

The first night, I tried it on my lawn, holding on to a clothes
line. This didn’t work well, because the lawn was so bumpy and each
bump sent me hugging the grass. I then found a more level lawn on a
nearby sports field and tried again. I mounted with my back against a
tall fence and set off away from the fence with no support. This
seemed a much better approach, and my record distance the first night
was 21 metres without support. I could reach 10-15 metres quite
reliably. I had scratches and bruises and was soaked with sweat but boy
was I satisfied.

The second night I tried on my own lawn again, quite sceptical because
the first time was so hard. Apparently I had improved while sleeping,
because it seemed easier now. I set off from the clothes line, again
without support. I twice reached the end of the lot which is 34 metres
off and could perhaps have gone longer if there had been no
fence. This is the most fun I have had in a long time! It must look a
bit strange for the casual observer to see someone so delighted for
being able to move 34 metres in a very awkward way…


Verba iactas +
ut imber aquas +
at cave! vacca volat. +

Outstanding! Congratulations on your progress. It sounds like you will be owning a Uni of your own quite soon.

I think I’ll try for some really good rest tonight and see if I can improve in my sleep as well…


Yes, the improving in your sleep thing is a real effect. Something to do with muscle memory. Either that or it’s big ju ju.

To ride more than a few pedal strokes after only a day or so is amazing. Well done. keep it up.

Re: Another hooked beginner

Moi Janne, that’s amazing! When I try to ride very hard on my limits,
I am sleeping more deeply and my dreams tend to be more remote past.


i love the subjectline u chose for this thread
i think it describes all of us pretty well
good to have u along