Another help me choose thread

Hey guys and gals.
I’m still pretty new at this and can’t ride my crappy 20 incher very well yet but i’m already looking for a new unicycle. I have one of those horrible seats with the metal bumpers at the moment which doesn’t make me want to ride it that much either. It’ll probably cost almost as much as the whole unicycle for a decent seat so I want to get a whole new one. Also since Christmas is coming up I can get my parents to pay half the cost for me. While i’m on my 20 inch wheel I don’t like the feel of pedalling heaps with very little result…like theres no torque at all and since I plan to use it for getting around a bit i’m looking for a bigger wheel. I’m limiting it to 400 bucks and i’ve found a few on the Aussie UDC site that interest me. They are:
The Nimbus X 24 which will take a bit of abuse in the future if I decide to try some tricks, but won’t be as good for getting around on.
The Nimbus 26 Muni which i’m leaning towards at the moment since it’s sort of the middleground…although I don’t really plan to muni.
And The Nimbus 29er which will be the best for getting around but i’m guessing will be useless for tricks.
I don’t think I will physically fit on a Coker being a shortass and all, plus the price is a bit too much for me…even the UDC model. If I had the money i’d probably go for the KH 29er…but I don’t.
So what’s your thoughts? Does anyone know of a better unicycle for my money (keeping in mind i’m in Australia) and is there anything I havent thought of that I should consider before deciding?
Thanks Alot.


One vote for middleground.

But you say you don’t plan to MUni. Change plans. Trails are the best.

I need you to Help me chose to!
KOXX Devil or Kh 20" Trial?

Another thing:
Do anyone know Ryan Atkins Email?

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Outstanding avatar. If you don’t plan to MUni, don’t get a MUni tire, they’re relatively worthless on the street. A 24" is a good size to learn on and an OK size for transportation. Nothing’s really fast on a unicycle anyway. The 24" will allow you to develop a variety of skills without any difficulty as well.

I know what unityler’s going to reccomend… but yeah, i’d go with that nimbus 24" with the hookworm.

I think 26" is the best size…not too big and a blast to ride

I’ll have to second that… probally.

Go for the 24" with a Hookworm tire. You will be very glad you did!

I ride each of the sizes you are considering! As a relatively newbie the 24 inch is the best all round uni!

Since you have the uni bug now, you will end up with one of each anyway…so you might as well start with the 24". It is great for street and freestyle with the Hookworm. Change the tire (and maybe the crank length) and it is a great trials uni or muni (depending on the tire).

Well I think i’ve made my decision. I think i’m going to go for the 26 Muni. I have a Hookworm on my crappy 20 and I love it so if I do get this uni i’ll be replacing the tyre with one anyway. Maybe give it a nice paint job too. Also if I decide to learn some tricks, i’ll just use the 20 until it breaks. Here’s hoping I can’t come up with something I need more for christmas and that my parents will agree to it.

Cheers. It’s a good party trick. I did it for my school talent quest as filler material…just gotta shove it through a plank of wood first so people don’t think I fake it somehow.

I stole it from someone else…blame them:p
Thanks for your help guys.


I dont really like 26" unicycles. I am sure they are great for downhill muni, but they are a lot more limited in use than a 24". I would highly recommend the 24 over the 26, there is not a lot of difference in speed between the two, but the 24 is a lot easier to learn tricks on, especially one footed skills.

Koxx Devil for sure.