Another hello

Hi, my name is Chris and I am a unicyclist.

I picked up a cheap 20" a few months ago and I’ve been having a blast. Then about a month ago I added a 26" Nimbus II freestyle to use as a cruiser and it’s great fun. I run out of steam after about 2km and my cornering is pretty shaky, often requiring a remount when I come to street corners, but it’s all good fun and I’m slowly learning.

I think a 36er is in my future to use instead of a road bike, but that’s 6-12 months away. Until then I’m going to keep enjoying my 26er as is, although I do plan on getting some shorter cranks and flattening the saddle.

Anyway, I thought I might stop lurking and start posting for a change…

Hi ya lightbulbjim :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Keep us all up to date on how you’re getting and don’t forget, we like pics, lots of pics :wink:


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