Another great Muni ride...

I went for a 30 minute, late night, ride this evening. I continue to be amazed what my new Muni allows me to accomplish.

First, let me say, riding at night is a challenge. There are many bumps and holes that you don’t see, therefore reactions must be super quick or your number of UPD’s rise greatly. My UPD #'s skyrocketed tonight!

My greatest accomplishment tonight: I went 7 of 8 on “Jump Mounts.” In the past, I have never had the nerve to try a jump mount. Several times over the last couple of months I have stood behind my old 24" Schwinn and thought about trying to jump mount, but then I would remember how much I dislike crutches and emergency rooms.

Tonight, my new KH seat, with HANDLE, seemed to just say, “Jump on me”, so I did! I hit the first two attempts. Missed the 3rd, then hit the next 5 mounts. I was so excited. This may be a really easy mount for most of you, but I was so excited to realize I now have a new mount. My girls are going to have to get practicing. Ol’ Dad has got a new trick up his sleeve.

Next, I decided to try a 180 jump mount. Then, I quickly remembered how much I dislike crutches and Emerg… :smiley: I even momentarily considered a “Suicide Mount”, but did not attempt if for the same reason.

I then rode up and down the curb about 10 times. Only one UPD in the bunch, but it was a great one. The kind you quickly look around to see if anyone was looking while you simultaneously pray that no one saw you.

Last, I hopped like a 20 year old. Well, maybe a fat 40 year old, but it was great hopping for this feller. I hopped in one place for 10 hops, several times. Then I hopped forward for 6 hops, 2 different times. Then I hopped back and forth over the centerline of the rode, that was really cool (no traffic, late night, country road). I am getting very little height out of my hops, but I assume with practice, I will soon be able to leap tall building in a single bound.

All in all, it was a short but extremely fun ride. I learned a couple of new tricks, and look forward to tomorrows ride already. --chirokid–

We are doing the same stuff! I just got the Pashley 29er, and I have been doing all the hops and rock bouncing through puddles that the Schwinn was totally wrong for! These MUNI things are the Bomb! Long live belly whoppers!


Well said Carjug. I couldn’t agree more. --chirokid–

‘midnight muni’ sounds great! (even though you probably didn’t go at midnight it sounds better than something like 9 o’ clock muni!)

Hi TreePotato: I called this ride a “late night ride”, not a midnight ride. This ride started at 11:00 PM and ended at 11:35 PM.

However, my previous post was a true Midnight ride. I left my house at 12:00 Midnight and returned at 12:55 AM. It is so much fun riding at night, the kids are all asleep, and the air is lots cooler at midnight than at 12 Noon. --chirokid–