Another great muni ride, good comment, and my 1st unicycling dream!

It’s only 2:35pm now and I’ve still got the weekly unicycle ride to go to today. I’ve already had heaps of fun this morning riding my muni with the beginer group of mountain bikers on the bike shop ride. I decided I need to improve my fitness a bit for the 24hr and I’ve been muni-ing lately on Mt. Cootha. I was really happy because I was able to keep up with the beginner mountain bikers this morning. I met them in the park on Mt. Cootha but had some spare time before they arrived so I tried riding along these logs. In the photo you can see about 2/5 of the length of it and it gets narrower for the second bit. It was really fun to ride up onto it with the help of some planks of firewood, and I made it to the end. Just before I set off to do this, 4 mountain bikers came up to me and instead of the usual friendly, “You’ve lost a wheel”, he looked at my muni and said, “Hey it’s Kris Holm’s!” I thought it was great.

Before heading off from the carpark at the shop this morning, someone let me borrow his GPS and I measured my top speed to be 19.5km/hr. It made me realise that that size wheel is actually a reasonable mode of transport.

I was really tired when I got home and had a little nap which really isn’t something I’m used to doing. I had my first uniocycling dream! Here it is:

It started off with me riding around in a shopping centre. It was a really fancy and expensive place and for some reason the owners were perfectly happy with me riding around on the flat stuff but didn’t like me riding down the stairs because they had fancy edges on them that could get damaged. There was a scene change (does anyone else ever get them?) and I was riding around my old primary school. I went down a slope and was able to ride along with one foot on the frame and the other foot braking backwards as you do with kids bikes. The thing is that it didn’t feel like I was doing this. It felt a little bit like the cranks were still spinning around. It was a great dream!


That’s Great Stuff Andrew. If that was me training for some event, I would be tired and worned out. A nap won’t hurt you, just a little bit. That log I saw in the photo is good enough for me to do one day. If I ever find one in the local park, It’s the one I will do.


I had another great weekly group ride today. I know I should know this, but what’s the name of the mount where you swing your leg around the front of the seat before reaching the pedal? Well, Alexander who I discovered today is 7 can do it :). Not bad hey? And James, who’s probably about 12, just did the 10m slow ride in 15.6sec.

I also landed my first short glide! I’ve been doing little glides (5m at most) but falling off at the end. Today (only once) I went the same distance but got my feet back onto the pedals and kept riding. It was fun!

On a totally different topic, I like when BMX’ers notice that you have Profiles.


p.s. There are additions to the Freestyle Photos, and Weekly Ride sections of my albums so far and there are some short gliding videos to come. I’ve only moved about half the weekly ride photos over into the new album.