Another "geared" uni!


that’s one way of doing it i guess. :thinking:

holy sh** that’s freaky

Very Cool

That looks very cool even thoughit is so heavy! I think that in the next 5 years we are going to see some very interesting geared Unis apear. Gearing a Uni is a great Physics and or Mechanic projest at the university level.


holy balls.

actually, i really like that for some reason. The engineering looks really cool.

No. No. No. Definitely no. Never.

I wonder how the red pneumatic or hydraulic line is incorporated in this device. This would be a cool one to see.

Edit: Oh, it looks like a cable guide after all.

It would make a great collectors item! :sunglasses:

Like somebody here (Tom Blackwood?) said recently, “hooray for contraptions”!

Probably utterly impractical, but that’s not the point. If it works, it’s cool in itself (for that matter, if it doesn’t work it’s still quite cool)

I assume the second lever is to take up chain tension rather than using the normal spring-loaded derailleur mech (so it can drive in both directions), so gear changing would presumably be pretty awkward, and obviously it’s ridiculously heavy, but what a machine :slight_smile:


That is a wild looking contraption. I have to say, though, that if the goal is to have multiple gears and a derailuerr type system, I think Unibiker was onto the right idea with a bicycle conversion. I can’t see riding 40+ miles on something like that thing in the picture.

Hmmm. Looks like an answer to a problem I hadn’t thought of.

That would be fun trying to get through airport security! :astonished:

It looks cool, that’s for sure!

No one seems to have noticed (or mentioned it), but it is obviously not shiftable on the fly, while riding.


Even it it was, you’d have a heck of a time even finding the shifter among(st?) all that hardware!:stuck_out_tongue:

this thing looks more like a war weapon you could sike out the enemy

We could call it the "Gears of war?" :slight_smile:

(Cool song, great movie and fun Xbox game…which I totally suck at! :o )

It looks very steampunk like.

I will take a guess

It uses 2 ten speed rear wheel setups and chains, minus the double front sprockets = 5 gears.

You need 2 so it won’t coast in either direction. You likely can’t change on the fly because it will lock if you are in a different gear on each side.

Unipsyche out the enemy?

Cool, but impractical.