Another freestyle movie!

Ok, here’s another (better) freestyle movie with a dramatic ending (not a commentary, it’s exciting and it’s of me unicycling). Check it out, it’s the last one in the gallery, and the camera moves!!!

That was some impressive riding!
I liked the One-foot-idling to wheelwalk to One-foot-wheelwalk.

Keep the good riding and good films comin


That 1-foot idling is the only way I know how to get to WW. How do you normally do it?

Good one. It’s nice to show non-freestylers what wheel walking actually looks like from the riders point of view.:slight_smile: Also glad to see you got into and out of one-footed wheel walk.

For your next video, maybe you should include some giraffe riding as well as the regular freestyling.

The usual way of getting into wheel walking is from riding normally, or idling. You just move your feet off the pedals one at a time and put them on the wheel. It’s hard at first, but in the long run, it saves so much time. It’s basically the reverse of the transition out of ww you do.

that was good i gess for freestyle

Tyler nice video, i really liked your ending. But i normally just get into wheel walking by pulling my feet up off the pedals, your transistion to back on the pedals is really smooth too, i, when i rarely land it, is clunky and I shoot forward or backward really fast. Nice riding.



Super job again. I gotta agree from experience…OUCH!

How’s your crown stand (or stand up wheel walk) and seat drags? You may want to consider those moves to take your riding up a notch. From what I can see, you’re doing great so far.


That’s a keeper!
Where did you get that song?

yes no cometary asome vid

Nice riding! A really cool video.

Now I know what my typical failed mount looks like!

nice vid Tyler. but I just dont know if i am sold on this freestyle stuff

Nice music, cool ending, but, hehe, why so much 1 foot idling? i mean my friend thats been riding for 2 weeks can 1 foot idle, so , yeah, but that side riding or whatever you call it is cool.



What’s interesting here is that you’re learning all this by yourself, basically in a vacume. I trust if you studied other freestyle vids on this site you could pick up other practical things and steepen your learning curve. Another few months and I bet we’ll be seeing you standup wheelwalk, sideride, one foot backward, gliding and coasting. Nice to have a flat road in front of the crib.


Perhaps you missed it, but he already does one-footed backward!:slight_smile:

Good video, you make it look so easy!




great stuff Tyler. YOU RULE!

brilliant riding Tyler, this one was much more interesting to watch because the camera moves. nice ending too! ouch!