another foot injury

I’ve learned how to freemount the past couple of weeks. Last Friday for the first time I went out shopping with my uni while at work. Riding behind a strip mall I wasn’t paying attention, clipped a recessed manhole cover and went right down, rolling my foot. I had the ankle checked, it was fine. 6 days later I go in to see a podiatrist and after some xrays he tells me he thinks he sees a couple of lines through my 2nd and 3rd metatarsals (bones at the top of the foot) and gives me one of those boot casts and some crutches.

I was wearing these cheapo shoes at the time (steel toed):

Is this just a freak newbie accident or is there some better way to protect the feet? I hate crutches.

Sorry to hear that. I’m guessing it was just a freak accident, assuming you didn’t strike the ground with any greater force than in any other UPD. I have had many UPD’s in the two years I’ve been riding and luckily never fractured any bones and all I ever wear are regular tennis shoes with sport socks. I’ve never considered any other foot protection besides shoes and socks.

it was similar to falling into a pothole. i was keeping my unicycling in the closet until i could get better but now everyone knows I injured myself “trying to join the circus” or whatever. more ukulele practice time i guess.

I clicked on “shoes” in you OP and I’ve gotta say those purple ones look difficult to ride in. where are you in Colo. I’m in Cheyenne and would be willing to take a drive just to ride with some one. Once your all healed up of course.

to answer your original question I ride with adios skate shoes in town( lots of padding and good soles) and flat soled hightop hikers off road.