Another female rider

Hey all,

Here’s a link to my most recent video. The riding is embarrassingly basic, but hopefully it will at least be moderately entertaining. Give me a couple more months to catch up with everyone else. :smiley:


Nice job!

Good video

Great to see more females riding :slight_smile: your skills are still better than some of ours which are so bad not to be seen on video yet :slight_smile:

Awesome! :smiley:

One of the best beginner vids I’ve seen. Nice short still stands.

I’m guessing it was really hot that day?
(I’ve mentioned to several women who complain of the heat on hot days, when I’d prop go shirtless, that they could wear a sports bra and they all say “NO F___ING WAY”)

Aha…ha…ha, not particularly, by normal people standards. Probably only around 90F with 70% humidity. I tend to overheat really easily, and if it’s above oh, say, 60 degrees I would end every session with a sopping shirt. So I don’t bother. :stuck_out_tongue: As for modesty, I’m an ex-swimmer so going around without a shirt is nothing new…

Congrats gal, nice job… I appreciate your efforts… and as Davey rightly said your skills are surely better than some of us… :slight_smile:

Nothing embarrassing about that video! You show that you’ve got a lot of control with your unicycle, keep up the great work :smiley:

Is that Duke campus? Lots of local uni riders in the area, offhand I can think of 9 regular riders in the triangle area… probably more muni riders than trials though.

You’re already better than me, maybe you could get together with my wife and ride together, she’s just starting out and is also on a 20" wheel.

Hey Jen it’s James from Tour de Fat. This girl is a trooper, I met her during a 5 mile bike parade and she did the whole thing on her 20" uni!

Good eye! Yep, I was hopping up and down the stairs in front of the Duke chapel. And I’d love to get together with other riders and goof around! Definitely the more the merrier.

Oh man, you must have missed the sections where I was jogging…or tripping over my unicycle while jogging…ha.

Missed you in Asheville, James! The muni round-up was pretty sweet.

Check out and join us on Facebook group North Carolina Unicycling Group. Most of us are here in the Triangle area. Check it out and join us if you want to. I’d offer to come over and ride with you but I never know when I’m going to be over at Duke.


Here’s a link to the group Bruce mentioned:

Forgot to mention. Most meetups for rides aren’t advertized in the facebook group but there are rides going on all the time. I guess they happen so often no one wants to flood the group with times and dates. There are probably 3 -4 group rides going just about every week, depending largely on the weather.

People have different schedules, if interested post up in the group and I’m sure you can find others to ride with.

Sweet! I don’t have a muni, so I probably won’t be joining you guys very often, but it’s great to know there are other riders in the area.