(Another) DX '06 Thread

Im a beginning unicycler, but sick of borrowing friends. Ive been told to pick up a Torker DX…is this a good Uni to start with? Advice needed. Also- anywhere i can get it cheaper then 260 (www.unicycle.com)

check ebay for a cheaper one. and weather or not it is a good starter is questionable…
pro: it is very strong and will last you quite a while
con: the thick tyre is a little harder to learn on
pro: it looks really nice
con: looks arent everything…

see what i mean. dont worry , someone with more info will come along shortly.

i learned on a 2006 Dx and i didnt see any problems with it. Im sure i might be a little easier on something like the miayata but im glad i got the Dx because once you learn, your wanna have something strong.

go on ebay and look for the username pricethumper, people got it from him super fast shipping and super cheap, thats were im gonna git mine, so do it, it is a great deal according to everyone on here

Price Thumper doesnt have any uni’s for sale— lowest price on ebay now is 230+ shipping (30 bucks!!!)

better than udc 260 plus ship

buy one from udc.
mine snapped at the crown welds on the frame… so now i have a torker wheel set (heavy) with a nimbus frame (shiney, chrome and not as heavy as the torker frame (at least 300g lighter))

its still a good uni for its price so by all means, go for it

I believe that there are some glaring spelling/punctuation errors within your post, Doofus. Obviously you should have said that you are a “unicyclist” as opposed to a “unicycler,” and you missed some apostrophes right after that. In addition to this, you have spelled “beginner” wrong in your public profile. Once you have remedied these errors, simply reach into those deep pockets of yours and shell out for a KH 24", like Kyle. Or at least a new DX. You gotta’ throw down to get the goods, if you know what I mean. Eh?

Tyler, is this what you and Kyle do all day? But thanks for pointing that out…I guess. Also- what deep pockets? Unlike Kyle, I don’t, and never have had a job, so I’m a little short on money.

Hey, don’t bring me into this! But seriously, get the '06 DX. It’ll suit your needs and leave room for your to grow into it. It’s better to buy a better unicycle that you’ll appreciate for a while than to get one that you’re going to get sick of quickly. The DX is one of the better cheaper Munis, and the splined hub is definitely a bonus that I think you definitely need if you want to take unicycling to the muni level. Also, the DX allows for upgrades from the Kenda to the Duro 3" tire, which is nice for muni. Although the Nokian Gazzaloddi wont fit the frame, you really dont need it. Arguably the Duro is better for some things than the Gazz.

I got my uni from price thumper last week. It arrives today (hopefully…).

By the way, his name is price_thumper
If you forgot the _ that might be why you couldnt find it.

He is selling a torker DX 24’ for 250 CND. thats about 230ish USD…

alright, the _ helped…he’s now selling for 255, thats a nice chunk off unicycle.com, thanks

Deuphis-- more spelling errors!

Well- its official, the torker DX was ordered off of ebay today(yes kyle/tyler, not udc, and no six six one armor yet), thanks for everyones help

Ok, so I have a few questions about the DX. Rather than starting a new thread I will post it here…
A little background:
I am new to unicycling, I started in December. I currently have a 24" Torker LX and have taken to light duty MUni. I know that the LX will not hold up for too long especially if I start hopping and riding drops.
I have ordered a '06, 24" DX for my off road adventures, which should be here on Tuesday.
My first question is: I weigh about 225lbs how are the '06 DX’s holding up to a heavier rider such as myself?
(I have read some of the horror stories about these… bearings, welds, etc. )
What initial maintenance should I do to help not break things as quickly?
Anything else I should know about this uni?

Thanks in advance for your input

It will hold up well. There is absolutly nothing wrong with teh bearings, and the only weld that isn’t very strong is the frame/seat post tube weld.

I do very heavy muni on it, hae done a few 5-6 foot drops, stuff like that, but I only weigh 130lbs. It all depends on your dropping technique, how you land. But if your just starting to hop and do drops, it’s fine for sure, I think you should only worry if you get up past maybe 4+ feet high or so…then you need to have a good rollout on your drop.

when is it gonna show?
we gotta ride soon and i want to see it before you beat it up.
hurry up and get armor too!

I dont know, and its really bugging me, i ordered it last thursday, and according to the tracker its still in massachusets, its supposed to be here by at least tomorrow, but ill be gone

i have also heard about stuff breaking off on torkers, but i’ve had mine for about 8 months now, and the only thing i’ve damaged are the plastic pedals…then the metal pedals, then the other metal pedals, now i have some easterns, and they hold up fine. i really like the wheel set it has too, it’s very very sturdy and takes lots of abuse. needless to say, i’m very happy with mine.

Ive had mine for awhile now, and the only problem is it creaks a lot! but only because the reflectors were loose, and now its cause the spokes are losse, other than that its fine, nd if gone upp 3-5 foot drops =p