Another Day In The SNow(Video)

I was bored today waiting for my new muni from Bedford, so I went out and did some more snow riding. I did alot of drops and just had a good time goofing around again, although I did bust my chin up pretty bad. It was a good time, so I thought I would share, and such. I really want the snow to melt so I can actually go back to the skatepark. But in the meantime:


P.S. The music is innapropriate for very young audiences and people who have a problem with a few bad words.

P.P.S. The bench was really really slick, so I had to bend over funky just to prevent the uni from flying out from under me. I was able to land 1 out of every 4 attempts with the funky technique but ended up hurting my self in the end.

Really cool, i haven’t dared to do anything scary in snow or on ice… yet.

But i really have to at least shoot a couple of sceens now in the winter, because, i want to have the northern lights in my video! :smiley:

Looks like fun, but I don’t think I could put up with snow for more than a week or so. I love summer!

Nice riding, that hit to the chin looked very odd and rather painful.


How long have you been out of school

How much snow have you gotten all together

Have you had to shovel snow off your roof

Cool video. What uni are u getting?

hmmmmm… I don’t like MCR very much. They have one good song, but I’ve forgoten what it’s called. I hope your jaw’s ok. Lots of little hops, but snow and ice are a bitch to do trials and street on, so I give you 2 thumbs up for going out in the blizzard with that sorrow of not receiving your new uni yet on your mind.

Re: Another Day In The SNow(Video)

That was a lot of snow. Funny how the rider is someone else than the
Camera/Editing person. :slight_smile: And I recognise that shirt from the faces
gallery right?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

It’s impossible to get old when you ride a unicycle - John (what’s in a name) Childs

I have had over 6 full days off of school, non-consecutiveley, with all the school days being delayed 2 hours.

I believe we have gotten 4-5feet. I know it is record amount for Reno though.

No we havent had to shovel our roof. But I did have to shovel my trampoline, and a few buildings in reno along with a ton of appt. carports have been collapsing.

It’s a custom Bedford Muni.
KH yellow seat(Fusion), Bedford black 3" frame with yellow flames(Brake bosses included), 3 Allen key alloy clamp(Black), Profile Hub, Profile 170mm Cranks(black), DT Champion black stainless spokes, Alex downhill rim (powder coated yellow), Snafu Platform Pedals(black), Gazz 3" tire, Downhill tube

And then I have some
Magura Raceline Brakes, Kool Stop Salmon Brake Pads on the way from t3h Ebay.

Yup, thats me. I am all the same person… I just like using both of the names separately, To make me seem cooler.

Can you put some pics on when you grt the uni?

crazy legs

love the napoleon dynomite picture

Oh, don’t worry there will be many a pictures for you all to view and drool over…