Another cross country trip.

Found this in the local news today…

uni ride across USA

They rode through TN last Summer and I had no idea they were even doing this, what a shame!

They have UDC’s support, kinda suprised they didn’t post to the forum or something.

I’ll be out that way next weekend, but we’ll be way North, so there’s no way I can meet them :frowning:

I did a cross country ride on a bike, it wears on you day after day, but on a 36er, that’s a whole lot of saddle sore, 93 days, wow!

Two Million Syrian Refugees and the conflict continues…

Way to go Dustin and Katie!

Support the cause, and their ride. Don’t worry that their ride is nearly over, they have been giving of themselves for many years, and it’s a good cause.

Dustin is a past World Freestyle Champion (Unicon VI I believe) and all-around excellent unicyclist. He also rode in Ride The Lobster on the team.


It’s quite touching to see people donate so much of their time and energy towards such an important cause. And they are really doing something about it.

That’s awesome! I’ve been contemplating doing a cross country trip before. My friend want to ride from Austin Texas to California and up to Oregon in the spring on a B*ke. Thought about joining them.

Hey Ben, not sure what “way north” is…I’ll be in the Eugene area for at least a week and I’d be game for some riding. The RefugeRide has been exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Haven’t been on the forums in a while so it dropped off my mental radar while trying to keep up with other social media. See how we did it. …