Another crank length thread... Ughhh

Yes, Ive done my reading but Im still curious about a few things.

My Torker LX 26" came with 170 cranks - Waaay too long for me, I am 6’ tall though.
I switched to 152’s and they seem a little better but not a real big diff.

So my question is, do Cranks and hubs get fatigued from switching all the time? cause I have some 137’s I could try, but I might just leave these on for now since my next step is going to be a 24" Muni anyway, and this 26" will be dedicated to distance flat street riding and I will probably want 125’s or shorter when I do that.

Again, main Q is will it fatigue my hub to switch cranks a bunch of times?
I feel there is a good amount of stress on the axle threads because the cranks really need to be wrenched on pretty tight when you install them.


As you must have read many times before, your height has nothing to do with crank fit. Your inseam is what is important here.

Yes, cranks and hubs get fatigued from switching all the time. After switching them a few thousand times they will begin to work harden and develop stress cracks. As a result, your great grand children may have to replace the hub from that kind of abuse. Try to keep crank swaps down to a few hundred times to minimize this kind of damage.

The cranks deform a bit when you crank them down onto the hub and will eventually wear out if you replace them a lot of times. Personally I would not worry about it too much.

Where did you find square taper cranks in 137mm? I might be interested in getting myself a pair.

Maybe they are 140, Ony gave them a rough measure, they were on my Jugglebug but it looks like these are avail in 140. I know there cheapos but for plain riding they should be fine

Cool, UDC never had those listed for the two years I have been here. Too bad they are the united cranks though, I have wrecked a few pairs and pretty much came to the conclusion that the $20 Qu-Ax cranks are well worth the modest increase in price.

I have always thought that this would be a great size to try for some XC 36ing.

Since you have the cranks on hand I would definitely give it a shot.