Another confusing eBay offer...

Can anyone figure out what size this Torker is?

The title claims it’s a 20"er but it looks like a 24"er (and the description includes a 24" tire).

This is a great price and my girlfriend is pining for a 24" DX so please don’t buy 'em all before I get my hands on one :slight_smile:

BTW, I have contacted the seller but I haven’t a clue when they’ll get back to me… I know you forum addicts are much quicker :smiley:

If you measure a “24” " rim it measures about 20"

if that was true, why would they call it a 24"?

Is that because it is for a 24" tire?

The ad seems to be in need of proofreading. It is for a 20" HD unicycle. The photo is of a 24" uni. The ad talks about a 20" alloy rim, and the tire is a 24X3.

No wonder he’s selling it for $139. He has no clue what he’s selling.

I think this is the same add I saw for a 24 but modified to work for a 20. I think they just missed the 24 inch tire when they where modifying it… I think.

$25 for shipping seems sort of on the hefty side in my opinion.


Its a 24" thats what my friend just got about 2 weeks ago …


I haven’t read the fine print but I believe this is a prerequisite to selling anything on eBay :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s clearly selling a 24" or 20" unicycle. Why are you guys so confused?

It’s a great deal for either, but I believe it’s a 24. If the guy measured the rim and didn’t know any better he would say it was 20".

I just got an email… it’s a 20" Torker DX. Doh!

If anyone’s got a line on a brand new 24"er PM me and I’ll make it worth your while… I gotta put a wheel under the missus before she rides off on mine!