Another cokeur in the making!

I would suggest the black Magura pads with an Airfoil rim cause that’s what I use. :slight_smile:

The not-so-grippy pads would probably be better. You don’t want to actually lock up the wheel. You just want something to act as a drag brake. But I have never used a V-brake on a Coker with the stock rim so I don’t know. What type of brake pads did the guy have on it before?

Less grippy I believe, I was just checking.


That’s perfectly natural behaviour, Ken! Its exactly what I did when I first got my Coker. Of course before the frame was built, Peter and I rode our Coker wheels as ultimate wheels. All perfectly natural unicyclist-type behaviour.

There’s some videos of me WW’ing my Coker in my gallery ending in albur/10


Belated congratulations on becoming a Cokeur. It’s great to have you in the tribe! How do you like your machine, now that you’ve put some miles on it? Have you posted any Coker vids? Have you done much Coker Muni riding?

To be honest, I haven’t ridden it in many months. Muni on the coker may have interested me, but I’m too scared to try it on a standard wheel for fear of taco-ing it…and the only muni that really interests me on a coker is the sort of muni that is likely to taco it. :wink: Having said that, I have huge respect for what you do on yours and am eagerly awaiting another of those skate park videos or even better, another northshore one. I’ve been getting in muni more and more lately (as you can see the recent three videos) and will be riding mroe trials these holidays (starting in a week). Thanks for asking though. :slight_smile:


Edit - The same goes for my giraffe.

in french: “à Cokeur vaillant , rien d’impossible!
(the original wisdom is “à coeur vaillant rien d’impossible”)
first time I saw the word (in a MikeFule post) I did not thought about “poseur” but about a"maître Coq" (the guy who cooks).

Well, now that you’ve got the Coker all you need is an Airfoil rim with a wide hub and you’ll be tearing up those trails like a madman! “Huge respect” coming from a guy who rides his uni on railings the size of my fist (amongst other amazing feats) is extremely flattering… thanks a lot, Andrew! I do hope to shoot some more video sometime soon (skatepark, natural rolling trials, and perhaps some Northshore stuff if I can get back to Rays and check out their new layout) – it has been quite a while since my last video and I have made some further progress since then. I look forward to watching your latest videos… your riding never ceases to amaze me!

Alright A_C! Dancing about Cokering!

Enjoy. Don’t fear MUni, you can learn a great deal of finesse by taking that thing into the trails. Drops are the big concern, riding over/through rough stuff is not really an issue, c’mon…c’mon…
(i had mine inthe MUni trails for quite sometime before upgrading, it takes a lot of abuse if that abuse is handed out with a keen eye)
(note: if it starts to taco, jump off! :slight_smile: )

that seat looks like it would be a great seat if you are riding 100km+ :frowning:

Brian is definitely right… I abused my stock Coker rim pretty badly before upgrading as well. My video was on a stock Coker rim. Plus you’re fairly light weight so the rim should hold up really well for you, especially if the spokes are kept tensioned properly and the rim true. Going down things isn’t a problem and going up a curb, relatively small log, or other obstacle usually isn’t a problem, either, as long as you hit it square. I would avoid going up small flights of stairs or relatively large obstacles on the stock rim, though.


Re: Another cokeur in the making!

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005 02:51:31 -0600, wobbling bear wrote:

>first time I saw the word (in a MikeFule post)

I think Mikefule originally coined the term.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it, dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it, dit diddle dit dit dit diddle dit dit, diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle-dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it,… - Spudman”

I certainly thought he had when I named this thread.