Another cokeur in the making!

Today a unicyclist friend of mine gave me a coker frame (with seat, Simano XT brake, and brake extender attached), and rim because I’m teaching him to idle and some techniques of muni! Soon I’ll also have the rest of the wheel and will have fun lacing it up and riding a beautiful coker.

Meanwhile he’s bought himself an airfoil rim, Hunter frame, GB4 handle, and cycle computer…it looks absolutely beautiful. He bought the frame bare and powder coated it a nice blue. The Hunter frame is amazingly smooth…perfect in every way. I could also definately notice the difference between his new coker and his old one as soon as I hopped on.

But enough about that…check out the photos -

I’m excited. I hope I do a good job of teaching him. I feel guilty accepting such a generous gift.


Good score Andrew :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll love the Coker.

I’m just curious- everything I’ve read on RSU regarding the original Coker rim says that they are not able to be trued? Did your friend take the spokes off them so he could use them on his Airfoil rim? Have you got spokes to rebuild your rim with? I thoroughly recommend Stainless Steel spokes- they’re much lighter and won’t corrode as much.

I like the XT V-brake- looks good on that frame.


I recently trued a friend’s original Coker rim and I had no problems doing so. It wasn’t horribly bent but the bend was noticable. I found it easier than truing most wheels actually because with all that momentum you can observe the faults in the rim for longer without having to spin it again…which is handy when you’re truing it by holding the frame between your legs and using your thumb as I was. It’s reasonably true now.

Yes, my friend used the spokes, hub, cranks, tube, and tyre for his Hunter 36". I believe he has some spokes on order as well as a tyre and tube and he offered to let me use them and order more for him later. He was ordering them as a spare set.

I’m assuming these are the spokes I’ll get - . Where would I find Stainless Steel spokes long enough to fit a Coker? Would I have to cut and roll them myself?

Yes, the brake’s beautiful…the lever also has a lock on it so you can leave the brake on to rest the uni against a fence or something. Rather handy in my opinion.

Soon I’ll assemble it all and put my cycle computer on it…can’t wait!


I got mine from Nathan Hoover via Dave Stockton (U-Turn) via Tommy Miller from the unicycle factory.

They’re so light! Galvanised ones that come on the original wheel is really thick- but I don’t think they would be any stronger. Plus they corrode- you wouln’t find those kind of spokes on anything but the lower end bikes.

The SS spokes aren’t cheap at US $110. I think if you’re going to spend that much you might as well upgrade to the Airfoil rim. In the meantime I’m sure the spokes you’ve got will be just fine for your rim. You might be able to get some SS spokes cut for you- haven’t looked into that too much.

Have fun!



If you know someone with a spoke rolling machine, you can save yourself some money. I cut and rolled them myself, spokes $1 each, nipples .25 cents each. The original spokes are 12 gauge, the ss are 14.

I used to work at a bike shop and I’m sure they would let me use their spoke rolling thing. The question remains though, where can I find the SS spokes to cut and roll? Or are you also talking about the Unicycle Factory ones?

By the way, the original Coker rim weighs 1860g +/- about 10g. I’ll weigh the rest of the parts as I recireve them.


Edit - …which is 4.09 pounds I believe.

(I accidentally pressed quote instead of edit.)

A good score indeed! :sunglasses: :slight_smile: Who gave it to you? What a great guy he is, whoever he is!

Apparently making long spokes is not really difficult, so with your spoke roller and some decently strong wire you could make yourself a set of spokes equivalent to or better than the standard coker spokes. Or you could ask Wayne if he knows anyone in Oz who makes spokes for penny farthings - they could help you out. See some discussion and ranting on this thread

Looks like the brake bosses have been welded on - a more elegant solution than the strap-on Odyssey mount. Very nice!

BTW what’s a ‘Cokeur’? Some kind of French wheel?


A Cokeur is a Coker rider. :slight_smile: I believe I first read the term in one of Mikefule’s posts. I think it’s a great name for a coker rider.


It looks better than cokerer er er. :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue: Is it pronounced as if it’s French?:wink:

Ask Mike. :slight_smile:

Re: Another cokeur in the making!

On Sat, 22 May 2004 22:07:07 -0500, “brian.slater” wrote:

>Is it pronounced as if it’s

That’s what I ‘hear’ when I read it, but Mikefule would be the one to

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

Yes on the Unicycle Factory spokes, though the shipping would raise the unit cost. UK spoke calculator is very accurate for cutting the length, also gives you the option of two, three, or four crossing the spokes. PS, thanks Tony for the read.

I take it as a play on the word ‘poseur’. While poseur has a negative connotation, I don’t think that it carries over. I like ‘cokeur’ as a word too.

Phil if i teach you to glide can i have your 29er?!?!?!!??!

Here it is, all assembled already! It weighs 10kg and is absolutely beautiful…

Lol- and the first thing you do is WW your Coker :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhhh, a new Coker tire. They look so nice when they’re new. Time to put some road wear on it.

I see you’ve got a Primo Viking seatpost clamp. The best part about that clamp is that it has a big “1” on it. A big “1” for the Big One. A perfect Coker clamp.

Lol- and the first thing you do is WW your Coker
Well attempt to wheel walk my Coker at least. I need to give it some practise. :slight_smile:

The best part about that clamp is that it has a big “1” on it. A big “1” for the Big One. A perfect Coker clamp.
Yep, it also has a Shimano XT brake and a brake lever extender that has been cut down from a bike brake lever extender.

Would you suggest grippy or not-so-grippy brake pads?


very…very…nice…your right, it is beautiful.