Another Broken Pit Fighter

So basically me and my friend Peter (petad) were uniing and stuff.

I jumped a four set and noticed that my seat post was cracked.

I thought it wasn’t anything to worry about so I was going to jump a five set when it broke right before I jumped.

Edit: It’s converting

1 minute left :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just watched it, I was expecting something cool like it breaking right on the jump and you leave the uni behind while flying over the stairs :expressionless:

Yeah sorry, I wish that would’ve happened to

That sucks man.:frowning: Are you within your waranty?

i got an idea, tape it on, and do the jump

Yea, even better, tape it on, go back there, pull up really hard on the seat and try to doubleflip it. h


Shucks!(no offense)

At lest its better than swearing

You left out a verb, Emile.

Ah well.

Well if you were a real man I would say the unicycle is still usable… heck put that on camera. :roll_eyes:

no, put the camera on the seatpost :astonished:

Yeah would have bin a lil more worth while to see you flyin through the air… Sucks that you broke it though how long have you been riding it?

The power of the internet never fails to amaze me. A video of nothing much happening on the far side of the world is only a mouse click away. :roll_eyes:

8.5 months


Ohh wow really, then I wouldn’t really complain too much sounds to me like you got your money worth out of it, I have never had a steel psot last me that long without welding reinforcments on it…

That doesn’t mean much coming from someone who has broken every part possible on a unicycle;)

Ohhh Gawd I thought you guys forgot about me :wink: lmao