Another broken kh seat + pics

Here is the story:

  • I was just practicing 180 uni-spin and I start hearing a strange creaky noise. So I checked the bolts and I saw that one was broken. Then, I opened the seat and discovered this (see the picture)

So how could I repair it without spending money ?

other pic

Two words:
“Duct Tape”

hey man sorry to hear that happens but…
funny coincidence, the exact same thing happened to me. i heard a creaking in my seat and noticed one of the bolts was broken and then i opened it all up and my stiffener was split in half so all i did was bought a new kh seat cuz i couldnt fix it and put my old one on a 24" schwinn cruiser type uni that doesnt get much jumpage.
so i really dont hav any ways of fixing but u could just buy a new one.

I was thinking about this awhile back. due to the fact that i ended up break both of my seat like this in a matter of 2 days (they were both really old ones). I had to buy a new KH Fusion seat that seems to be doing very well dispite reapted 5 and a half foot drops. I was thinking though, if i do break another it might be an idea just to get a carbon fiber seat base they are only 110. and then you would never have to worry about it! mind you it is more expensive… but i think if you are doing alot of big drops and uni spins and all that… in the long run it’s a good idea. it will save you money… in the long run…

the EXACT thing happened to me…Im going to try going to an engineer and see if they can either weld it back together…or make me a new one.
Still haven’t got around to it though and its been a few months, oh well.
or I’ll just a get a Carbon Fiber seat base…