Another broken KH frame?

It seems that I broke my 07 KH frame today, it is a very sad day, we should all gather and mourn the loss of such an amazing peice of artwork.
oh, sorry, got a little sentimental there…

anyways, i really hope that it is covered under the KH warranty… and I HAVE emailed Kh about this predicament, just so you know…

it broke on a flat-ground 360… thankfully, i was warming up to do some stuff that I would have really gotten hurt had it broken while i was doing it.

That makes me wonder how long my frame will last. Maybe I’m not as crazy as you…

That’s why I ride with Nimbus frames. I’ve heard of countless KH frames breaking, but only a couple steel Nimbus frames. It’s not that much heavier, either. I think the weight difference is minimal when compared to the price of the two frames.

Very strong Nimbus frame: $45

Sort of strong (lighter) KH frame: $200

I’m sticking with Nimbus for now.

Oh, and sorry about your frame. Did it snap all the way through immediately or was there a little bit still hanging on after it broke?

Well, at least its re weldable if not returnable… If you do have it welded, make sure you re-heat the general area with a torch after, or bake it in an oven for awhile. The main reason why things break right at the weld is because they were not stress relieved, and their molecular strength was compromised by the weld. (they get brittle in that area). I have no idea if KH frames go through that added process or not, but if you re weld it you should. Also sand blasting or shot peening the area will also help to relieve the surface tension and prevent future breaks. Hope this helps…

i know max broke a frame not too long ago. i think i remember it being an 08 but im not sure.

I was thinking about getting a 07’ KH20 to save 100 bucks… :thinking:
I think i still might, im a noob and i know i wont be doing what your doing with it.
Keep us updated with the warranty situation.

AND, sorry about your loss. hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

The KH frames are aluminum. Sand blasting might not be a great idea and if you weld it you’ll need a TIG welder. I know steel gets really brittle right next to the weld but I’m not sure about Aluminum.

Was about time that you break it with that big stuff you do :wink:

KH are warrented :smiley:

Yay, I have a Nimbus!

Maybe people with KH frames ride harder because they think their frames are so strong. Hence the higher percentage of breakages in KH frames. Just a thought…

I don’t know what the big deal with KH frames is. I’m no expert, as I’ve never tried, one, but my nimbus is great. Plenty of foot on crown placement, super strong, 200g more.

I realize skrobo is nuts with his unicycles, so KH may be better. But I really like my nimbus 2 frame. I’m not spending 200 buck to lose 200 grams.

I am and I did, Its reallllllly helpful.

KH is the best all-rounder frame out here atm.
Strong, lightweight, a piece of good quality and Kris has one of the best services for customers.

It only looks like street or flatlanders break KH frames… i used a 07 for about 2 years (trials only) and its still going strong, not on my current uni, but its still here :smiley:

I know KH parts have warranties and I know Kris replaces them when they break. That’s not the problem for me. The problem is when I decide to go down a short drop or do a little 360 on flat and the frame breaks when it shouldn’t. It could cause injuries that wouldn’t occur when I’m using a stronger Nimbus frame.

And I have tried a KH before. There is a very small difference in weight that really doesn’t matter to me. I wasn’t able to jump higher or do more stuff. I can live with the extra weight if it is safer and cheaper.

For people like Max who do the 100+ cm side hops I can understand that they’d want the lightest frame out there but I don’t do that so I don’t need it.

weight isn’t the only thing to look for in a frame. crown shape/ design is a vital part of the functionality of the frame

srry to hear about the frame btw

Carbon fiber :sunglasses:

I have three KH and two Nimbus. I don’t go big, but I do worry that being a big guy and riding hard will lead to breakage. I have no doubt that the Nimbus is stronger than the KH, it’s the same principle as in MTB frames.

As to weight being significant, I think folks need to think a little harder about what weight they’re carrying in their back pocket, i.e. gut! 200gm is less weight than a small Subway sandwhich!! But you land a broken frame and you could be in some bad shape!!!

Not to mention, the KH costs $250 more! For that $250 I can get a carbon seat base, some KH cranks, custom pedals, …

When i made the switch from a nimbus frame to a kh longneck i was amazed in how light it felt.Sure its only 200grams but a frame takes up alot of the uni so it feels alot more than 200 grams

How would eating a Subway sandwich make your unicycle heavier? Yes, it would increase your overall weight, but overall weight is not the only important statistic. A light unicycle allows for easier spins, flips, and any other flat/street trick.

Kris will send you an 08 frame and so far nobody has broken it.