Another beginner - Devon UK

Yes, I can do the wheel grab if I’m holding a fence as well, but I feel like I am going to nosedive if I try to do it as a freemount. And I’m not tall.

Since you mentioned wanting to learn to jump mount, here’s a tip that worked for me.
I practice at noon at a park not far from work. There is a children’s play area there, filled with shredded bark. I took my 20" uni there (when there were no children there – there usually are none there at that time during the week) and dug a divot for the wheel down into the bark, until the wheel sat so low the pedals were just above the ground level. At that point a jump mount was really easy, the wheel was real stable, and the saddle just above standing height. So it just became a case of filling in the divot a little at a time and getting used to it progressively. Eventually I could do it on flat ground. In the end, it was (like many uni skills) mostly mental. Getting over the fear of just jumping into the saddle. Once you get used to that, it’s not that hard.


Good idea! I will give that a go myself this week.


Just watched your video Spinning woman. Are you still at that stage or I’m guessing you’ve progressed greatly. Keep on.

Hey ElPueb, thanks for the info on the email list. I definitely want to meet up with more unicycle riders in Los Angeles. When I go riding, and where I go riding it sometimes feel like I am the only one who rides a unicycle on this planet. Kind of like my old hobby flying rc helicopters. Nobody else does that.

Anyways, I’m happy to report back that I tried your SIF method. It works. No I didn’t land a jump mount, but I at least landed my feet onto the pedals. I know jumping 5" off the ground doesn’t sound like much to most people, but landing on both pedals which has a potential of “great damage” to your shins is scary. My past fails can fosters a lot of fear. Even when I didn’t land perfectly, I never felt like it would shoot out from under me.

Also, I finally made another break through. I successfully, rolled/jumped off a sidewalk curb!!! Yesssssss. How did I do that? Two words. Offseat Riding. Not 100% off the seat, but maximum full weight/pressure on the pedals. It’s tiring yes, but you have tremendous balance/control. So, I used this feeling as I attempted yet another pathetic curb jump. This time I did it!!! Then again, again…!!!

I don’t remember posting any recent videos, so yes. As far as I recall, I don’t think I’ve posted any since I actually learned to do this, though I might be wrong. As you can see from the dates, this thread has been going a long time. There’s no question about me ‘keeping on’!

The first time I attempted to ride off a curb, I had too much weight in seat. Didn’t turn out well.

Thanks for reaching out to the local email list. I saw your post. I would avoid anything too exotic and consider a 26" mUni (KH or Oracle). Lots of great riding in SoCal!

Congratulations on the freemounting, Spinningwoman - did it help just saying the short form of the words rather than the full one? :wink:

And much thanks to LanceB for the jump mount practice suggestion - that seems like something which should work really well for me, and I can think of a place to try that.

Ha! When worlds collide… for anyone who isn’t on Facebook, I managed to get my groups mixed up and asked a bunch of unicycle geeks technical questions about Elizabethan communion services…

Did they know the answers? :slight_smile:

Another milestone - two to be more precise. Now that I can (eventually) freemount I went back to the cycle trail I discovered last week and headed off with my gps watch to do some actual distance instead of going round in circles. I managed just over two miles before my legs gave out to the point that I either couldn’t get back on or if I did get back on, I couldn’t get over the initial wobbles before the camber or slope got me off again.

The mounting is still pretty frustrating. It can take me 10 or more tries, and the tension level gets high. Every so often I just hop on and go and then think ‘why can’t I do that every time?’ But hopefully it will gradually get better and better.

You’re doing great, it’s so nice to read that, having followed you since day 1!
It all comes down to practice, those mounts will be yours one day, as well as the bumps - the camber stays hard forever though…
You’re ready to join us on Strava too!

Oh, I think it goes to Strava automatically from my Garmin. I think I told it I was BMXing though - no unicycling option.

My best technique for practicing mounts is to start my workout with a difficult mount. It could take a while to land but getting to ride away is a kind of payoff. Kind of like “no dessert until you finish your vegetables.”

Mounting gets difficult and potentially unsafe when we get tired. No shame in assisted mounting when your legs are burning out.

Happy to read about your progess.

Yep, there’s been a lot of petition and writing to Strava to add Unicycle - they don’t have fixed gear bike either. I’ll have to find you there now, same screen name?

It was just my name before but I changed it to Spinningwoman On a Unicycle to warn people I used to run with that something had changed!

I found you and I found Large Eddie - anyone else want to be stalked on Strava? if you like - though my activities are a wide mix of stuff, including bike rides amongst the uni ones. I did mean to split it off at one point so I could have separate segment listings for bike and uni, but could never be bothered going through the data.

I presume you’ve found

Yes, I found the club thing. Thanks!

I went back to the same cycle trail yesterday, and managed a bit further out and all the way back for a total of about three miles. Unfortunately Strava was down, so the automatic upload didn’t happen. I will have to work out how to do it manually. The mounting was going better - most made within 2-5 attempts, though there were a couple where I thought I had lost it and would never freemount again! As the mornings get lighter, I am going to have to screw up my courage to head out round my own neighbourhood before starting work.