Another beginner - Devon UK

A couple more three step runs and one four step! Let me know when you are bored hearing this! (Not that I will necessarily stop. I need someone to boast my little triumphs to. I told my husband, and he said ‘well, that doesn’t sound like much but I can see you’re pleased so I suppose it must be.’

Time is the issue, but I tend to be a serial polyhobbyist. I can only really obsess over one thing at a time, though I’m trying to keep up with the archery and Uke. It’s fitting work in that can get tricky.

Also, I like that here these things seem ‘normal’.

I am sort of retired really, although I am as busy as a busy thing. My wife fails to get excited over my triumphs and has done for years. It is not her fault, she is just used to my telling her, coupled with a demonstration, in which I come a cropper rather spectacularly usually. Many years ago I had an old manual advance and retard motorcycle of large size. I got it wrong one Wet and miserable Sunday so I fixed it inside the shed… !!! I kicked the thing into life, the thing backfired and launched me bodily through the back wall of the said shed. As I sat there getting drenched, amidst a heap of broken wood, I thought then that I will never do that agin, but I do every time I get a UPD off the unicycle… am I put off?, you better doubt it because it 'aint stopped me yet… I am like you, loads of hobby’s, no time etc etc… keep it up and keep peddling bravely…!!

That reminds me of the time before we were married when my now-husband put me in charge of the accelerator on his van while he pushed from behind to get it out of snow. I couldn’t drive at the time. Unfortunately I was wearing moon boots and when my foot went down it got wedged down and took it through the neighbour’s fence.

See, now you can laugh about it and it wasn’t really that serious was it, much like falling off a log, or a unicycle… :astonished:

You’re making excellent progress Spinningwoman! Welcome to our community. Interesting that you bring up archery, I was thinking of combining it with unicycling, though I would first have to learn how to do archery. Unicycle-archery, that would make an interesting sport come to think of it.

A very important thing to remember is to relax. Take deep breaths, and also take breaks during long practice sessions, every 15 to 20 minutes sit down and relax for a few minutes, or run and jump around like a maniac, which I sometimes do. If possible, listen to relaxing music while unicycling. Whatever works for you!

If a total doofus like me could learn how to unicycle, anyone can learn. At the rate you’re improving, you’ll be stealing from the rich and giving to the poor on your unicycle in no time.

Archery isn’t hard to learn. It’s hard to get really good at, but surprisingly easy to get to the point where you are hitting the target most of the time. Horseback archery is amazing, which is why unicycle archery is actually a good idea - there are not many other modes of transport where you can move quickly and control your mount while leaving your hands free for the bow.

They say it’s harder to learn new things as you get older. I have disagreed with this for a few years. My thinking is the actual learning is about the same, but it’s harder to find the time to learn as you get older!

What kind of ukulele do you have? I bought my wife a baritone uke a while back, it’s about half the size of a guitar and has a lovely deep tone. She says the nylon strings are nicer on her fingers, I had got her a guitar a couple of years ago and the steel strings hurt her.

On the plus side, I got fed up seeing said guitar sitting gathering dust so I learned to play it. I’m not great but at least it gets used now!

I have sopranos and a tenor. I don’t yet have a baritone, though I would like one. I am practicing using the fabulous Yousician app which doesn’t use baritone tuning, so that’s for the future. (It is what kept my uke from gathering dust - does guitar, bass and piano too )

First let me welcome you to the the addiction of unicycling and the family.

Archery is the hobby I have enjoyed the longest, that or slotcars. I have worked on idiling while racing my grandson on our basement slotcar track but never thought about shooting my bow. I will have to give it a try sometime.

When I got my first bow as a kid being an archer was somewhat special and rare much like unicycling but with the modern technology that has come to the sport the average person can be nailing a paper plate with a bow from 30 yards pretty consistently in no time.

What do you shoot spinningwoman? I still shoot my 56" 36# browning recurve I got when I was 10 for my birthday the most, finger release with no sights, instinctive aiming, That or my 56" 50# bear recurve. I tried the compound with sights for a while but it just was not for me.

Yes, just instinctive for me too. I took some lessons with a sight to join our nearest club and nearly gave up archery altogether. I do 3D field archery which is basically messing around in woods pretending to hunt rubber animals. I have a one piece traditional recurve and a Korean ‘horse bow’ style bow, so I’m all set!

So, thanks for all the encouragement, everyone. I went out to find a good space today, and found a good one though it is 20 minutes drive from home. It is a small skatepark next to a carpark in a local seaside town. It has a good fence of just the right height around it and a nice smooth surface. It has a very slight end to end incline, which is nice too - not enough to be a problem in either direction, but just two slightly different experiences. The only possible snag is that the notice board says it is ‘strictly reserved for skateboard, rollerblade and bmx’ but I’m guessing that’s because unicycles never crossed their mind rather than because they wanted to exclude them. When I was there it was being used by little kids who were climbing up the ramps and sliding down them, so it wasn’t just me pushing the parameters!
I had a good half hour there - no breakthroughs but definitely feeling that short spells in balance are getting more frequent!

So far I’ve resisted taking up weaving because I have a tiny house with lots of yarn, two spinning wheels, countless hand spindles, sewing paraphernalia and now six or so unicycles. I’ve been an avid knitter and spinner for years but those hobbies have suffered since a took up unicycling.

SpinningWoman nice to meet another spinner/knitter/weaver. A few years ago I visited Coldharbour Mill and dropped in on the spinning group meeting. I had my hand spindle with me at the time and had a lovely time there.My fiber friends think I’m a bit off my rocker with my unicycling.

My mother is like that. Sometimes I think her hobby is taking up craft hobbies. I try to resist that temptation but I can relate with you on obsessing about hobbies. A couple of months ago I took a wheel building class just so I could put together a road specific unicycle. I almost got into wood turning so that I could make spindles.

I think you will need 24" unicycle.:wink: Several of mine were purchase on ebay or craigslist for very good prices. You might keep an eye on similar trading websites.

Don’t give up! Glad you found a better spot to practice.

Are any of the fiber people on this thread also members of Ravelry?

Day 13 UE (Unicycle Era)

I was quite surprised to realise that I am almost through my second week with this. I went back to the skatepark today - being a sunny summer Sunday by the sea, there were a lot of people around but only a couple of little kids on scooters in the skatepark. An old lady told me she was very impressed by my… By my… - but apparently couldn’t think of an appropriate word to finish the sentence. Skill? Unlikely. Insanity? Possibly. A little kid with a three wheel scooter and an impressive ability to count followed me round for a while shouting ‘mummy! That lady only got one wheel! I got three wheels!’ Until the unicycle squirted in his direction and his mother sensibly decided to encourage him to admire my small wheel count from a greater distance.

I’m still doing a mixture of riding along the fence, with intervals of not touching it, attempting to swoop across the corners and launching out into space, and a bit of scooting around with the ski poles. It feels like I am improving slowly, but I am trying to see myself as a toddler pulling itself around on the furniture. Nobody gets impatient with it for not walking unaided yet. If I’m not off the fence by the end of the month I will start wondering if this is the wrong strategy, but for now I’m just going to let things develop.

I’m Tangleweasel there, but I’ve hardly ever posted anything. When I’m knitting I’m never very interested in documenting it.

Coldharbour Mill is not far from me, though I’ve never been to the spinning group there.

Day 14 - Shattered!

So, an interesting day yesterday. My official two week unicycle birthday. For the first time I asked my husband to come out in the garden and act as a support as I practiced on the lawn - mainly because a lot of the books recommend that as the best way to learn so I wanted to see what it felt like. It was pretty good - I had no problem unicycling across the lawn holding his hand or resting mine on his shoulder. Unless you can pair up with another learner, though, I can’t see getting enough practice in that way! Then yesterday evening I went to the skatepark again and spent 50 minutes there by which time I was shattered. Did my longest streak so far - along the fence but not touching it for about five or six pedals - not revolutions. I also cut the corners unsupported and do some ‘launching’ that never gets past a couple of pedals. Plus a good go with the walking poles. I’m not entirely sure why using poles is generally dismissed. It feels useful to me - sometimes you only need a light touchdown to rebalance, and eventually I would hope not to be touching down much at all. And it sets you free of the wall. This is the YouTube that encouraged me that this might be a way for a non-speed-freak old lady to learn!

Day 15, two wheels on my wagon

I mentioned in another thread that although I was interested to find out what a 24 would feel like, I had no intention of buying another unicycle until I had finally learned. Of course I should have known better than to tempt fate like that… I went into Exeter to buy some wrist and knee pads and while searching for the skateboard shop I passed a shop which SELLS UNICYCLES! And they had a Qu-ax 24 in the window. I think it is the Luxus, though I’m slightly confused because the tyre looks a bit more off-roady than the picture. But anyway it was a chance to see what it felt like so I tried it out and really liked it, and somehow it followed me home. It had me so hypnotised I left the pads in the skate shop. I took it to the skatepark and once I’d got the seat height adjusted I found it nice and smooth to ride and definitely less likely to ‘stick’ at 6 o’clock. I attracted the attention of a couple of old guys who were out hiking; turned out that one of them had been a unicyclists in the past. He said he had a Pashley - did they make unicycles? Anyway, we had a nice chat and then I did my best run yet while they were watching - still only 5 or 6 pedals but it’s all heading in the right direction.

Splendid result then… All good news coming from the Exeter environs. I did a spectacular pedal controlled ride this evening on my new 24". The knobbly tyre sticks to everything road like, amazingly good control can be made with that little novelty.
I am utilizing a nearby farmers barn, outside wall and flat concrete pad, to get used to the uni. I must ask formal permission tomorrow, just in case… !!!
Keep it up you are doing okay all the way…
Stone me, isn’t it hot work though, my helmet is more like a bucket after an hour…

Very, very hot. That thing about ‘Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies only glow’ didn’t take account of hot summers, unicycles and helmets.