Another BC wheel question

I just got back from the bike store, and they said i can have a 16" 14mm wheel for $22 and the tire and tube for $10, And im gonna put my pegs on it, Is this good? Or should i try to find some cheaper stuff?

And i think the wheel is pretty good

I’d try and find a 20 inch myself, but i just noticed that you’re 14 so depending on how short you are, 16 should be fine.

Im pretty short :angry:
Around 5 foot or something

I’d definitely try and make plates for it, pegs aren’t all that fun.

Pegs are extremely hard, just try to make some plates.

Well i got the stuff
Im thinking that I might get plates later on, but right now im gonna use pegs because i have some already :smiley:

Tell me whatcha think about it :sunglasses:

where’s the fun in making something easier?

That looks like a really nice wheelset, have fun!

EDIT: cool pegs too.

What he said :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:

Its not just easier to ride a bc with plates but it makes so much more possible (like hopping and grinding).

I have to get new pegs now because these ones dont fit… :angry:

make plates

I caaaaaaaaant :angry:

Unless someone can tell me a REALLY easy way to make them without having to weld anything

if you can cut and drill you can make plates out of this.

Ya, i asked my dad and he said that it would just be worth it to buy them, because i guess a little of his time is worth more than MY money :stuck_out_tongue: