Another BC wheel movie

Hey everyone, I made a short bc movie its here it is only 1:30 long and 11 or 12 MB. There are alot of things I wanted to put in but I didn’t have time and my mom wont let me take the camera away from my house. Everything I didnt get around to filming or I didn’t land should be in my next one:D

all i can say is, yeah Spencer. Good job.

all i can say is “Spencer is Jesus On the BC wheel”

all I can say is WHOA AWESOME!

you can do more on a BC wheel than I can do on a uni! except for muni stuff… but that’ll come to you soon, haha
that pirouette was SIcK!

keep it up man

nice. I just made one of these myself, so I can definitely appreciate the skill here - especially since I can’t even ride mine! awesome stuff dude.

WICKED AWESOME RIDING! Thats crazy man, keep it up!

Spencer, man!

That was amazing !!!

Keep it up and soon you’ll be “Captain Caveman” himself. Maybe you could make yourself a club and carry that around on it.

Nice work.


Amazing stuff, Spencer. I can’t wait to see you stick that backwards skinny ride! I love those sorts of tricks/lines.

Please keep posting these movies.



You’re definetly one of the best BC riders out there.

for sure. I’m getting mine on thursday I hope I can get as good as you.

How thick and how long are those platforms that they dont bend?


Spencer, you´re prime material to start hitting those skateparks swoop around those pools at about 20 MPH and ten feet up those vert walls.

I’ll watch . . .


the shipping receipt here says your getting them Tuesday. get a tyre quick if you dont have one already for it, BC’ing on the rim wont be much fun :wink:


you are really good, i cant wait till i can stop thinking about just balancing and be able think of other stuff to do besides riding in a straight line.

:astonished: you ROK!

really tight movie

Thanks everyone,

Here is a thread of bc wheel plate measurements, mine are the long bedfords. has proved that if you jump on them from high places they can bend.

Would you like to sign my cast?

Pft, Spencer too much of a wimp to do something like that.

holy man thats sweet!
i kinda want to try one now
good job