Another Amazing Sport with Little Exposure

I recently got involved in this sport which offers many of the same rewards as unicycling. A very quick and simple set up while offering endless opportunities for fun and fitness. Other than being amazing on foot, my goal is to uni on the line. Iv’e seen a few videos of it and am looking forward to the opportunity. Iv’e already got my 3 and 4yr old loving it.

Finally, after 6 1/2 years of research and focus groups, Just One Wheel will be opening the first Unicycle Training and Balance center in the country here in Plainview New York this summer.
Other than Unicycles we will have many various and fun balance aids including Slack Lines:)
If your local or going to be, please stop in check us out & have FUN on ONE. You will experience something you never thought possible.
For more info keep an eye on


even better…combining unicycling with slackining :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats my goal:) THE END!

One of my cow orkers brought a slackline to the office on a recent Friday, and we were messing around with that while some of the others tried my unicycle.
It must have looked a bit like a circus seminar to some of the other denizens of the building…

hmm… the last time a sport piqued my interest from afar… it was unicycling! A year later, I bought a 24" nimbus! Slacklining feels quite the same… :roll_eyes:

You have cows who can slackline! :astonished: Ours always fail udderly. :smiley:

what is slacklining :thinking:

Here is an example for you mate.

I’ve done it casually for a wee while, it’s heaps of fun.

You need to make them ‘orkers’ beforehand…

And slacklining looks very fun for me. Only it is quite stationary, but that may be an advantage sometimes.

They’re hideously fun. I used to slack at the beach every weekend. Then I got lazy. We’re starting again this weekend.

I got my first slackline last year. I got a longer line a month ago so I could use some trees at the local park. My son (17) likes slacklining - for a “yoof” he’s not bad. And my daughter (12) is a balance natural. She learned unicycling in about 2 hours (at most) and slacklining in a few minutes.

I think unicycling and slacklining are complementary - both aiding balance and the development of core muscles.


Interesting. It’s funny, I was talking to my dad a few days ago about how I wanted to learn tightrope walking, but that there was NO WAY we could set it up at the house, or anywhere near it for that matter.
Slacklining looks terribly intriguing. It seems like an easier, but more elastic version of tightrope walking. The last time I was so intrigued with a sport was unicycling.

Milosboy, I don’t know why I don’t know you since you live in Madison, but I have a slackline if you would be interested in trying it. Also, we need to go for a distance ride sometime. PM me.

Uni and Slackline

You can look at this Pics from Lutz
He can do unicycling on the slackline

Here’s the video of Lutz unicycling on a slackline …

Now you’ve got me thinking on slacklining as well. Looks like a fun thing to bring camping to try with the kids. I’m interested in more info; any reason a basic webbing with a ratchet strap from the hardware or auto parts store wouldn’t work? Seems like “official” slacklines are very expensive for a piece of webbing and a ratchet? Took a look at your website for more info, but didn’t find any. Hopefully you’ll be able to expand on the web too.

I also see you sell unis in custom colors. What frames do you use?
And finally, I really like the idea of your uni-trainer. Looks pretty expensive to custom build, and shipping would likely rule it out for me, but if you sell them you should put up some pricing info.


No, as long as the webbing is tested for the tension your going to use it will work. The only issue is that there won’t be the elasticity of the other webbings that are specially designed for the sport. From my history with the ratchets you referring to, I don’t recall the ratchet being long enough to get the leverage you need. The Gibbon ( line is a great set to start with. It can be gotten online or at REI/EMS for as low as $59US. It’s able to be safely set up in less than 5 minutes and the webbing is partially coated to give you more traction. After that, there are many other ways to rig a line. There is a wealth of info available online (google it). Do yourself a favor and check it out. My focus in the past has been strictly unicycling. After getting involved in the slacklining world I’ve realized how important it is to include along side unicycling. My site will be updated this summer in time for my launch. Thanks for visiting!
I’m sorry, my trainers are not for retail purchase. I only use them for my programs. At this point there is only one camp in the country that has my trainers and program. They are very effective in getting an individual motivated enough to give the wheel a shot. In either case if an individual is motivated enough to learn and doesn’t fear starting with an actual unicycle, they don’t require a training device.
Desire + Motivation + Technique = SUCCESS

Have FUN!!


Slack lining has been part of the climbing world since I can remember. I even road my unicycle on a line at a climbing comp.

Unishark, I have always used a long piece of 1 inch tubular climbing webbing and some carabiners. its WAY WAY cheaper and works really well.

The longest line I have ridden is 30 feet at Rockfest in Leavenworth.

and yes there are tons of ways to set up a good slackline

Haha, reading back on my earlier post, I’m surprised somebody hasn’t given me a link to “Let me Google that for you.” I admittedly didn’t dig very deep into the web for more info. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, good to hear slacklining is fine on standard climbing webbing (which I strongly suspect is how it started). Actually, for someone with climbing gear (which I do), it should be easy enough to set up a 3:1 z-rig to get plenty of tension. I’ll probably use a ratcheting tie-down strap on one end, out of laziness. So with $10 in webbing I should be good to go. :slight_smile:

This also looks like a fun application for my new Vibram Five Fingers.

I agree no training device is required; I’m self taught, now have one of my kids riding with me, and two more learning. Your device just looks like a great way to initiate/speed the learning process. We have the beginnings of a local uni club going, and I’ve thought about offering clinics at my kids’ school, so thought maybe one of your trainers could be useful. For sale or not, they look like a good idea. :slight_smile: