Another adventure weekend :)

Thanks California for saving some of the white stuff for us. Another :astonished: huge dump for Aspen. I was fortunate enough to play in it all weekend, a couple of pics from the fun:D

First picture is from first activity of the day

2nd activity of the day

Riding home, praying that I make it, glad to have help close by.

My neighborhood, glad to home from crazy MUni ride in the blizzard:D

Your a trooper. I cant even get my riding buddy to come riding when it’s above freezing, let alone in the snow. Boarding is awesome too. Right on.

Aspen Mike You’re my inspiration

You are one lucky guy.

Wish I were by a mountain to snowboard, ski, and winter uni.

My hat goes off to you.

powder is so fun to ride! too bad my local hill grooms every last inch of their resort and i cant drive out to the mountains as often as i’d like to:(

looks like you had fun though!

i like how you use different goggles for riding and uniing:)

god i miss colorado.

living in park city is nice, but damn…
i cant wait to move back.

That’s insane !! I can’t even imagine riding in those conditions. Well done :slight_smile:

awsome!! …really like your pics, that must have been a perfect powder-day!!

…overhere it’s raining up to 1500 m…

Now I want to go skiing:)

I was just wondering, Is that a Coker or TA tire? if it is the coker tire how do you find it handles in the snow?

The snow is beautiful.

If we had snow like that in the Memphis area … well, I just cannot imagine … it would be a disaster.

[OT]Park Silly… er …City, Utah? Why not Alta, dude?[/OT]

w/low pressure the coker tire is adequate. this tire has little to no tread left,and it still tracks straight great. the fresh pow is awesome, as long as there is a fairly solid base. some of the riding yesterday was just too much snow. so… go skiing then, how far away is it?

BTW- still dumping here:D

I have been riding a TA on my 36er in the snow and find it a little slick, I am still waiting for a tire groover I purchased on eBay a month ago to arrive. Other than the grip issue I am finding that a 36er with 170s makes a fine winter ride.

I am about 4 hours from a half decent ski “hill” (actually a valley but considered the best “non mountain ski resort” in Canada) and am a fair ways away from any real mountains. Who knows I might get out to the mountains over the February break.