Another Action Packed Long Island MUni Ride 8/6/05

Please join us for another action packed Muni ride thru the Long Island Greenbelt trails.

Date: August 6th(Saturday)
Time: 10:30am
Place: 36 Long Ridge Road, Plainview N.Y. 11803
Contact Adam: cohen(at)justonewheel(dot)com or (516)702-9807

Bagels, Juice, Coffee and More will be served before and after the ride.

The Long Island Greenbelt Trails are top rated among mountain bike riders. There is an enormous amount of different terrain to choose from, flat packed dirt trails to loose gravel, Embedded rocks, roots, stumps, drop offs, great hill climbs, down hills and everything in-between.

Riding For Beginners to Pro’s
Fun For Everyone

Last ride we had visitors from PA, N.J., NYC, and Long Island.
We had first time MUni riders and seasoned MUni riders. It was one of our best rides yet.
We also had Gregg promoting his book by selling some t-shirts.
My wife Renie is amazing, she had pictures printed and ready for everyone to take home with them. Can’t beat an airborne shot to stair at on the way home! or just a picture to say I rode that!

Any Uni works, the terrain can be enjoyed by any type of Uni. This statement has been fully tested.

Any LBI Unithoners who would like to switch gears, I’d love to show you my style of riding. It’s extremely enjoyable.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Look at past threads for pictures, search Long Island Greenbelt Muni Rides.
Here is a picture of our last group, not a bad turn-out for a holiday.


That’s cool, but what is that one thing on the right? It’s almost like a doublecycle or something. Jeez, it really blows my mind, does anybody have any other ideas? :thinking:

I’m going to be in New York next weekend (July 23/24); is there any chance of a ride on Saturday the 23rd?

And if so, what should I bring, my 29er or the full-on MUni?

bicycle in photo

No, it’s not a doublecycle, it’s called a bicycle. and some people still prefer training wheels!!:stuck_out_tongue:

unfortunately, we meet the first saturday of each month, however i would be glad to show you the trails and ride. pm me and we will make a plan for saturday. :sunglasses:

i want to come on this one, for certainly. i will be there. Adam, i will see you on the trails! i will also bring the coker wheel if UniPA is coming. tell me if you are guys.

Hello Adam,
Thank you for the invite. I’m trying hard to work up the nerve to drive to long island. I don’t mind driving around upstate NY but have always avoided New York city area driving. This drive would be the first time in my 21 years living in NY. This Muni ride sounds like a great time, one that is hard to pass up.

No no no!!! Bikes are a mith, though I do have what looks like a bike missing the front wheel and an impossible wheel. The answer is simple, it’s a tandomunicycle.

I will hopefully probably be there too nick, this time i should have an okay Trials cycle…i just need see if i can get a ride., and to see if my foot is doing better

Ok, I think I’m gonna go. If I take the Chinatown busline from Richmond to NYC, I’ll arrive in Manhatten around 7:00 AM. I can then take 7 line to Long Island bus 20, transfer to the 78, get off on Washington Ave., unicycle the last few hundred yards, and get there in time…for under $40. Think it’ll work? Will the Long Island Bus let me bring a unicycle on? (I know the Chinatown bus will.)


love to see you here!

sounds great, the $40 will definately be well spent on some great memories!no problem on the bus, i haven’t heard of any issues with that… try and make it, you won’t regret it :sunglasses:

uni pa will be there (only 2 of us) and nick if you need a ride we can pick you up at the north wales train station. O and thats my mom on that 2 wheeled thing. i dont know why she still bothers with that other wheel

Originally posted by unicyclepa
uni pa will be there

Glad to here it! It will be great to have you 2 back for another ride.
Looks like it’s going to be another great ride.


hmm um can you guys give me and obieone a ride from my house? we would pay for gas and it would save us a lot of travel time and money. its not far from you guys.

shadowuni i will be able to pick you up at the club (lloyld hall) or 22nd and Market, at promply 7 o’ clock in the morning. I will probably wait 10 minutes and if you aren’t there I will leave with out you. If getting you at the club is easier for you I can do that. I will probably call you in a few days, but if you see this it will be good. I can’t pick you up at your house though or we will have to leave much earlier.

Be Smart

EVERYONE riding this Saturdays Long Island MUni Ride Please bring your HELMET! It’s hard to ride with a hole in your head.
Your helmet is your ticket to ride.
We Just want to keep everyones brain healthy for future rides.
It looks like we will have great weather Saturday.:slight_smile:

Thank You,

well im sorey to say uni pa wont be there
:angry: mabey next time so nick i cant give you a ride

Will be there.

Sorry you 2 won’t be there. We had a great ride last time. I know I would hate to miss any of these rides. I just have to try to get there for the food before the ride. See you next time.