ANOTHER 7 yr. old muni rider

I don’t know what it is about Colorado, but the kids seem to like Muni! Last week my 7 year old daughter, Elsa, went out for her first “real” muni ride. She’s been riding for about 6 months, and has done some off-road, but a 16" jugglebug isn’t that great on a trail. Now she has a KH20 to play with, and boy is she happy! I made this video mostly to show off to the grandparents, but figured I’d post it here too.

I have to give credit to my husband, who just turned 50 and has also started muni. He’s still pretty new at this, but it is a blast to go out with the whole family. (on the video too, is Ianna, age 10, and Tristan, age 12)

One funny thing about this ride was that we ran into Osmundo and Quinn’s next-door neighbor on the trail. We only saw three other people, and it’s not like Osmundo lives all that near us. Small world…

I can’t wait to shoot the “Elsa and Quinn” video sometime soon!

That is really awesome, it’s nice that you are introducing her to the (in my opinion) best riding style early, looks like we have a down hill champion coming to unicon in the next five years!

she should start street and flat:D

Yeah, if there were ANY paved roads near where we live! Not even our driveway…

THAT IS FLIPPING CRAZY!! I was immediately impressed at the beginning, but then she free mounted perfectly! You are an amazing and, I’m sure, proud mother. I found it humorous that Elsa appeared to be better at MUni(ing) than your husband. lol :slight_smile: So cool! I wished I had learned to ride when I was younger… Gifted child for sure.

That was awesome, Elsa did fantastic. It’s nice you guys can go out for a family ride. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Awesome Family Muni!! That’s great! I just showed my kids and they are psyched. Quinn has twin sisters that are 6 and they are starting to roll too. Elsa is really freemounting well! Nice video! We’ll see about Lair O the Bear next weekend. NICE JOB!

Great riding all of you and excellent work on the free mounting from all as well.

It looks like those cranks are pretty long for Elsa’s short legs. You might want to get some 125’s for that KH.


Garage or basement:o or even in the house one or two 4’X8’ pieces of plywood. (I know someone who did this for breakdancing and leaned it up against a wall when not in use).

hm. I thought that KH20 had 125’s. I should go look…

Yeah, I guess she could ride in our basement. She’s so short she wouldn’t hit the ceiling as she learns to hop…

Thanks for everyone’s comments. I get such a kick out of riding with the kids, but it’s obvious they’ll all be better than me really soon - the 12 year old already is. I did comment to my husband that it must be annoying when he’s struggling to freemount and Elsa just steps right up and rides by. He shrugged and said, “nah, I’m used to it.”

This past Saturday we were riding a pretty rocky trail and Elsa did a tough section easily and it just amazed me so I had her do it again so I could film. She spun the pedal on the freemount and slammed into the ground. It looked horrible. She cried a bit and then finished the ride. Good thing she’s so tough, because I was feeling really guilty! She laughs about it now…

shes less then half my age, and the cost of her unicycle more then doubles mine. how does this work? :slight_smile: hahhaa

A few wise words…

She is a beast!!!

I love this! Thanks for posting. Just showed it to my 8 and 10 year old daughters, who are learning to ride.


:slight_smile: They’ll never regret learning to ride!