Another 36er in the stable

Here’s my latest production, just in time for Spring. A green 36er which started life as a Nimbus 36 frame. I cut it apart and brazed a new design, with a pair of X braces between the V. The possibilities for joining a V frame are endless. This weekend I welded up some adjustable handlebars, and threw on my old direct-drive wheel with my DaVinci triple-drilled cranks.
Now I just need a name. Best one so far is Cyclent Green. Feel free to suggest an original catchy name (please no “Green Monster” or “Green Hornet”).


What is the clearence like on that, it looks very low.
I would name it Greg Harper though.

Wow! That looks like a work of art!

How does it ride though? It looks like the handlebars will be very low when the seat is in an upright riding position.

And as far as names go, how about the “Jolly Green Giant”. Although you may have to make a 20" Little Sprout version too!


Ho! Ho! Ho! Greeeeeeen Coker

Lean, clean, mean, green machine.
The Mulcher.
Gary the cross-dresser.
Thomas Alva Edison.
Green Eggs and Hamstring.

Given the frame design, how could it be anything but “Greenasaurus X”?

Ah ha, I see other SARS are on the computer too instead of on the wheel.

Each X brace is made from 4 short tubes, and are slightly bent out to give 1/2" clearance on the tire in all directions.

Greenasaurus is good! I was trying to be kitschy, but it wouldn’t make sense to run around shouting: “Cyclent Green is People!!!”

I can’t imagine riding with that handle setup…so hopefully I can try it some time!

It looks interesting.

as for names…how about Gatsby? Ya know…from the green symbolism in the book representing all of Gatsby’s wants and needs and so much more.

So, with the V-frame, do you ride with the seat behind the pedals, almost in a bike configuration? It wouldn’t be ridden w/seat post vertically, right?

Why ?

The craftsmanship looks very good. I am sure we would all like to see a pic or even better a short vid of you riding it. What is the advantage of this design ?
How about the Ikicle , cause it looks like a cross between a uni and a bicycle.

The sun finally came out this afternoon, so I took The Red Menace out for 14 flat miles, in 1.67 gear. Had a nice little ride. Tom & Greg, next time I’ll call, but we gotta take advantage whenever the monsoons let up.

On these V frames, your body attaches as a triangulated connection. The seat and bars are pretty much level like that when riding it. Think of a racing b@#&, it’s much the same aero position, but not as flat-backed. I personally like it and think it’s natural, whereas it’s not a traditional unicycle position and therefore may seem odd to someone more used to riding without handles. It’s basically for speed & distance.

Here is a photo of Pete on one of his V-frame designs. When he puts pedal to metal, he’s even more forward in position than here.

It was a glorious day for riding. After finishing up all my honeydos, I got out for an 11 miler, around Beaver Lake with some short intervals climbing just to remind myself how far I’ve slipped since last September. Must get moving again…

Pete, congrats on another gorgeous creation. Are you going to leave it in direct drive?

where do you keep getting the good airfoil rims?

very intresting

It looks like it might take some of the weight off the seat, allowing to shift around for comfort. Thanks for the riding pic, it explains a lot.
Is this your invention ?

Ken (Looi) rides quite low like that too (on kh handle usually). I ride sort of half way towards that, but not as low as you or Ken do, unless it’s really windy, in which case I’ll ride as low as I can.

Oh and Roger Davies rides like that to I think, on the Nimbus 29er frame with the new handle doodad.


So then the angle it is at in that picture is the angle at which you ride? How does it feel at low speeds, that far back over the wheel?

I second envy, mostly because I’m green with it right now.

Here’s a side shot of my basic riding position on Purple Phaze, from 2 years ago, same V-frame design. If you’re into a headwind you can get even lower.


wow that is pretty awesome. Mabe that is the way to go for distance unicycling :smiley:


I haven’t gotten any good ones since the rim problem was discovered. I have 2 old versions, and 3 newer ones. Greenasaurus has a drilled older airfoil with a coker tire. Red Menace and Purple Phaze have the newer version, but only run TA tires. I also have 1 old and 1 new rim that have been drilled and are ready for re-finishing for other projects.

I’m happy to drill out airfoils for anyone, basic (inside only) or radical (race only), but the big issue is shipping costs.