ANOTHER 360 unispin tutorial

I was borred today so i went out and made a 360 unispin tutorial, here it is :smiley:


There are a few things that I feel you went in the wrong direction with. First let me say waht I liked.

You showed hand position, that is important. You broke the trick down into the steps the trick happens in, fairly important.

But all and all there may be some confusion. Just beacuse you can hold the seat different ways doesnt mean you should put them all in. I think that may make it confusing for someone learning. You can simply say “there are different ways to hold the seat I am going to show you this one”. You need to have faith in YOUR method, that is the whole point of a tutorial. IMO from what I have seen almost everyone has better results with their hands in the center.

You talked about jump height, thats good but you did not stress the importants of lifting your legs. You can get much more time for the uni to spin without wasting energy by lifting the legs upward as well, when you jump. This is not the most atractive technique, but it works very well for learning. Holding onto the seat for the whole spin will give better results as well. You dont want to be throwing the uni you want a nice acurate spin.

Aslo I dont think landing on the cranks is a good idea. It may be easier but you are not teaching a usefull skill. Landing on the cranks is acceptable for the first few unipins you do, but it is not how to land one. Better to learn to land on the pedals from the beginning.

You do this whole thing to seat out. This may be personal prefernce but I would put my money on that it is easier for most beginners to learn to seat in. There is a mental block for some people but it is much easer to land trick in than out, your legs can grab the uni well.

Lastly I dont think putting bails like that in a 3spin tut is at all usefull. Why would someone wanting to learn this trick ever want to see their teacher getting nutted.

Sorry, that my feedback isnt great. Making a good working tutorial is not an easy thing and its something a select few do well.

2:23 was my favorite part.

:stuck_out_tongue: nice vid but i know it dont matter but you spell bored like this bored not borred:D
but why do you need to spell when you can unicycle!

should see if you can do some slow motion in some of those segments