Another 20" Miyata on EBay

Here is another 20" Miyata on EBay, by the guy who told me he had 4:

He says it is the last one, though it is the 3rd by my count.

The first one went for $155.03
The second one went for $113.25

It doesn’t look to me like he bothered to take new pictures for the 3rd

My original post (7/26/02) doesn’t seem to have made it to the RSU archives so I will repeat it here:

> Some guy is selling off 4 older 20" Miyatas on EBay, one by one.
> The first one sold last night for $155.03, which I think is too high a
> price. In my unsubstantiated opinion, a reasonable price for these is
> about $130 if there is nothing that needs fixing (other than getting a
> new tire).
> Here is the second one, which he listed immediately after the first one
> sold:
> It is a high-volume seller with good feedback. He has blocked me from
> bidding on his auctions, I think due to the belligerent tone I adopted
> after he failed to answer some specific questions about the uni. His
> excuse for not answering the questions: “it is not in front of me”.
> Anyway, during our correspondence he mentioned that he had 4 of them.
> The saddles and seatposts on these older Miyata’s are not
> interchangeable with the newer ones (different seatpost bracket). You
> can’t get replacement seatposts. I haven’t figured out whether the
> seatpost diameter is 22mm or 22.2 mm.
> I believe these older saddles are just as comfortable as the newer ones.
> The front bumper does not form an extended handle like on the newer
> ones, and the bumper bolt pattern is different. The older pedals are
> smaller and less grippy. Other than these things, I think the older
> Miyatas are as good as the new ones.
> The questions I asked him in my initial email:
> > Any damage to it? E.g. bent seat post, wheel out-of-true, tears in seat, cracks in underside of seat, bent crank arms, rust.
> > Do the main bearings and pedal bearings turn freely?
> >
> --Mark

Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

Alternate email:

I think you found a great demonstration of the fact that advertisers can say almost anything they desire about their product.

Again, my father had great advice when he would tell me, “Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.”


I bid up to $70 and someone had already placed their high bid above that. Ohh well. :frowning: