another 180 unispin thread!

ok i was wondering how different tires, unicycles, parts or whatever effect how hard/easy this is to do. im still learning and its busting my balls but im still going at it. also wondering does it help to hop off the unicycle and try to keep it on the ground as much as possible or should i hop off the unicycle while putting some spring in the uni. also… most of the time it seems that on of my feet stays on one pedal longer spinning the wheel out of control and also the whole uni out of control, making me fall on my plush bum. ok, now respond with very wise sounding thoughts, insight, and advise!

Well, if you think about it, the answer is pretty obvious. Different unicycle parts will affect your unispins. Fat tyre - more bounce, easier landing. Lighter uni - easier to spin. Slim saddle - easier to hold, etc.

When doing a unispin it is best to pick your uni off the ground as it allows you to learn unispins rolling, off drops and up ledges. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it. If your cranks move, practice simple no-footers. Jump up, take your feet off the pedals, land on the pedals and come back down on the ground. As simple as that.

I’m not quite there yet

I can idle about 15 seconds, and hop in place OK. I will give advice anyway !:slight_smile:
I think plastic pedals are the hot setup. They are the lightest, should spin and stop with less rider compensation, and are less likely to eat flesh. A E Bike has some great ones for 10 $ ish.
I think the best way to study technique would be from you tube videos. There are so many great riders there.:smiley:

I wouldn’t worry about weight right now. I have the Dx, which is considered a tank for unicycles, and can easily spin it the 180/360 degrees with no troubles or strain in getting the full rotation.

[THREAD=57447]Try some of the stuff out in this thread[/THREAD]. I used it for a friend who had similar problems as you, and after the few tips, he landed his first one all within the 5-6 mins of trying them.