Anodising (anodizing sp?) and threads.

My last thread about painting stuff went down the page like the titanic so i’ll start a new one about something slightly different.

Im going to anodise my seatpost and seat post clamp (07 KH) and have a problem.

how do i make sure i don’t anodize the thread which will mean that the bolt wont go on, or will it still or what? is there a way to do it so i dont stuff it up?


how do i keep my positive lead connected to the seat post clamp while its in the battery acid?


If you’re going to anodize this yourself you will probably not be using the chemistry required to deposit a 0.002" “hard” anodized coating. It will be more like 0.0001" thick and not likely to make the thread grow significantly. If you’re worried about it you can screw a nylon screw into the thread before anodizing. Nylon screws are slightly oversized and compress when screwed in. If you dont think that seals the thread well enough, add some teflon pipe tape to the nylon screw threads.

Another thing to watch out for, is since you’re doing this yourself and can’t regulate regulate the voltage as actually, there’s no way to know what color the aluminum will turn out.