Annual "bike rodeo"

I was invited to the annual “bike rodeo” at a local school, after they contacted me through the LBS. So the event was today, and when I got there, one of the first things I did was to jump a 6 stair set, and they loved it! :slight_smile: I was kinda scared, having not done a stair set in a while, but luckily landed it first time. (some kids asked me to do it again, but I decided to quit while I was ahead, lol!) :o

I brought my MUni, 36er and also my little 18" jugglebug kid’s uni, and lots of kids were trying to ride it, and with some instruction, a couple of them went several revolutions in no time! I set up some cones and we all did some slalom-they on two wheels, me on one-and it was all fun. As things were wrapping up, they gave me a $25 gift card and I was like, no way I can’t take this, but they insisted! When I left, I rode my 36er back to my car, while carrying my MUni! :smiley:

Cool, sounds like it was a good day!

Yeah it was fun and two of the teachers who used to ride when they were kids, were able to ride my MUni on the first try! One used a wall to mount, the other freemounted. I guess in a lot of ways it’s like a bike, in that you never really forget how to ride. :smiley: