annoying unicyclist

To: Yuri Wuensch,
Cc: Rec.Sport.Unicycling

I don’t know for how long you are writing journalist, or for how long you like to keep doing this.
But asking “is it redundant to say he was annoying and riding a unicycle?”, exposes maybe intelligence because it seem that at least you’re asking it…
On the other hand it may be false suggestive opionmaking based on no arguments as long you formulate your own to be broadcasted opinion as being a question.

Either way, do some research yourself; there is plenty of friendly unicyclists out there who are not annoying, who’d don’t even like to talk or even meet any other person while riding their unicycles. And who are more allergic to clown-alike unicyclists than you already seem to be.

And outside your appearly little world I can confirm there are even unicyclists on events who realize their job is entertaining guests in stead of theirself, in case they want to make a living of it.

Hope you may meet some sportsmen unicyclists, and maybe get positive inspired.

“annoying guy doing some juggling (as if having a busted bike wasn’t bad enough)”
Ok that offends. A busted bike?

Does he really hope to keep his job- with writing like that I don’t think so.

That “busted bike” is what i like to call my unicycle.
Something that makes my life happier than what you portray yours to be. Oh you poor thing, having to watch all those free performances: “Many friends of mine carry on about the perks being an entertainment writer must involve, like getting to see a range of Fringe shows for free. Believe me, it isn’t always a bargain.”
That is your job, you do it for a living. do you think every other tom, dick and harry (and sally) enjoy their job? i am sure they just love going out and cleaning your toilet all day. Do you see them complaining? Some people would give all they have in the world to secure a job like yours.
“At least the burlesque dancer showed off a little skin and had some welcome jiggle.” perverted much? why not hire a porno and spend the night home? you really dont get it “Unfortunately, boozy Joe, teeter though he did, never did fall off the stage. Now that would have been some real entertainment.” and with expectations like that i am not surprised, that just lowered you to the standard of millions of teens who live off jackass. Maybe you didnt notice, but by what i have read these people were showing some real talent, something they have worked hard most of their life to learn and you are just kicking it in their face. You think we want to read this junk? i would rather ride my “busted bike”.
and now, i go to bed

That is very generalistic and inconsiderate.

This always happens. You tell people you unicycle as a hobby and you get that weird look that says ‘clown?’ followed by a polite ‘oh, that’s interesting.’ if they’re nice.

There’s always the assholes around who’d hum that idiot circus tune when you cycle by even if you’re tons better than most of the bmx-ers around the place. Somehow people are blinded by your riding one wheel around. They don’t care about technic or skill or whatever it is you’re doing. Mentally, one wheel = clown and clown = irritatant. Something to that effect.

Dude…guys…we ride around on ONE WHEEL! Get over youselves, we ARE silly.

The unicycling performer may have been annoying but it was lame of Mr. Wuensch to label all unicyclists as such.

We may be a silly bunch but I have met very few unicyclists who are annoying.

Haven’t met me, have you?

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Yuri Wuensch wrote:

> Frankly, I think if you read the entire article in context, you can clearly detect a running stream of sarcasm.
I (who’s native language isn’t English) only did read a straam of negative remarks
(and so I wonder for how long you can stick by writing articles in such style).

> If not and you still take umbrage to my denegrating unicyclists, well, I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone.
It takes some more to offend me.
Recently “I” appeared in a radio-commercial. The commercial-agency never ever saw a performance of me,
but branded me to be an annoying entertainer (in that commercial, which was for months on national radio).
I estimate that commercial might have damaged me for $50K of income.
So I do respond to media when media are lame.
So regardless wether that unicyclist was annoying, I hope you realize your writing can harm.
But besides the people you write about it also can harm yourself.

> However, that you can’t read between the lines and see funny for funny’s sake …
Aha, so you tried to be funny, for a living, and annoyed other people.
I recognize a repetive patern. That’s funny.

> I’m sure that unicyclist is a swell guy. :wink:
It wasn’t me.
But if you see an odd looking unicyclist, that has a coffee-can on his helmet,
come over and say hello, and I’ll for sure pour you in a cup of (hot) coffee.

> –
> Yuri Wuensch
> Edmonton Sun

dang…, thats some powerful media you have there… is that american dollars? :astonished:

Yes, converted to USD. But it’s hard to estimate. It was on nearly all national radio stations for two months. Right after I did’nt get any booking for 3, 4 months (the most important months) in The Netherlands, but still some from other countries.

I still have the interview with the creators of that commercial, who claimed to be the originators of both my coffee and my pizza act. It becomes funny once I tell -during the interview- to him who I am.

Annoying Unicyclist…