Annoying pop up add

An add for the above company keeps popping up on my screen. What’s very annoying, is that there’s no option button to clear the add from blocking what I’m trying to read.

This is downright bad manners.

If I want to buy something from udc I can find their site when ( I ) decide. I won’t be promted or bullied by this annoying pop up bull sh*t.

What’s worse is that there isn’t even a Dutch store, just when I’m moving there coming weekend.
Btw, I don’t get any popups on this forum. Just use Mozilla Firefox the only real browser :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen a pop-up ad on this website.

Hi, guys. I don’t get pop ups on this forum/web site, but they pop up mainly when I’m reading news articles etc. The pop up, blocks out part of the page and can’t be deleted.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Meanwhile I’ll check out Mozilla Firefox as suggested by Setonix. Thanks Setonix.:slight_smile:

I haven’t seen the pop up, but I see UDC add quite often on some forums or news pages, but it was always nicely on the side of the text for me.

So you use a website that you don’t pay for and then complain that it includes advertising? It costs real money to have a website hosted and in some cases to provide the content. Site owners often cover thse costs by by including advertising.

It is bad manners to expect to use something that someone else pays for then complain about what you are shown.

We are very fortunate that some generous people pay for this site.

@ one track mind.

I’m not too concerned about pop up ads that can be deleted. I don’t mind ads that are on the side of the screen as mentioned by Vookash.

If you read properly what you’ve quoted you will notice that what’s annoying me is a particular udc pop up ad that blocks what I’m trying to read and when I try to move or delete the ad, it remains fixed.

udc ads come up on my screen very often, but they don’t block out what I’m trying to read and that’s not so bad. But it is this is new version that I’m complaining about and find irritating. :angry:

I agree. Pop-ups are one thing, but if you can’t close them or move them to actually read the web page’s original content, that sort of makes the web page useless.

I think getting a browser like Firefox or anything that helps to prevent pop-ups (and making sure that pop-ups are set to be blocked in the settings) is a step in the right direction. You also want to make sure your browser has all the latest updates installed. Like Vookash, I sometimes get UDC ads in the right margin of various web pages, but nothing that prevents me from reading the website’s content, and I use Firefox and keep it updated (it does this automatically for me).

Mostly these web pages look at your cookies to determine which ads to show you based on web sites you’ve visited. You might try to delete the cookies from your browser, but that may erase settings you have for certain websites you visit frequently (like your banking website, weather websites that remember your location, etc) and it can be annoying to have to reset them.

I also think you should contact and let them know that you’re annoyed. While I know they follow these forums, I think it’s a good idea to give them direct feedback as a customer (or potential one) that you don’t appreciate having various web site’s content blocked by their adds. You might also include the web sites you’re visiting in case a third party is creating the pop-ups. UDC might not be aware that this is happening. Screen shots may also be helpful to show them.

Thanks Bradford, for that very helpful post. Yeah, there was an ad company involved and when I think about it, Roger in udc is an absolute gentleman so maybe he wasn’t aware of it.

Anyway I think I’ll start using Firefox as suggested by you and Setonix. :slight_smile:

This is true. But IMHO it does not apply to POP UPS. They suck. HTML5, and the ability to pop something in front of the page you’re trying to read before you’ve had a chance to read it, is really annoying. Even worse if it’s an ad, and doesn’t include a device to clear it from your screen.

I highly doubt that UDC, or Gilby has anything directly to do with these pop-ups. I my case, I use Chrome. I like the browser, but I assume it gives Google a slightly more direct route from whatever I’ve been looking at, to ways to turn it into ads on the pages I’m visiting. But I don’t think I get any pop-ups, unless they’re built into the site I’m viewing. Usually in the form of survey requests, or way-too-early offers to chat with me. The customer needs more than 5 seconds to figure out if he has a question, thank you very much!

Firefox is very good also, though they tend to come out with a new version every other week. play around in the settings and turn off whatever you can relating to advertising.

And note that if you share your computer user account (or Google account) with your significant other, remember to use a different browser when shopping for her/him, or they might see what you were recently looking at!

The slightly annoying thing with Google Ads is that once you start looking for something you keep getting ads for the same stuff. Never mind that you found what you wanted, bought it and don’t actually need another one.

Of course that doesn’t apply to unicycles. Everyone needs another unicycle.

Can totally relate to that, if I decide I want something, it’s usually bought the same day. Then I have to watch ads for it for a couple of weeks.
I don’t need 2 dishwashers, 1 is fine for me:)